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  1. Petri---Thanks for helping with this problem The incoming drawing is labelled as 1:100 Therefore I chose mm for units and set my drawing (that I'm importiing into) at scale1:100 Once imported, the drawing always seem to fit the page (though I de-selected that option. when I then use the ruler tool to measure, the floor to ceiling height comes out at 45! I tried setting other scales and got a drawing that scales almost right but not quite--eg door openings seem to be 650mm when I would expect them to be 900mm Thanks Benedicte
  2. I am having problems importing DWG files (I think originally Autocad) into both Vectorworks 10 and 12.5 The problem is of scale: I have been through the Custom options and selected metric and set the scale but the drawing is still coming though incorrectly. Can someone please give me step by step instrucitosn?? Many thanks Benedicte
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