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  1. That's what I was afraid of. My opinion is that the old version of the tool worked much better. A variable to control the buffer from center of symbol would be ideal. Right now, I have drawn a 4'-0" aisle between seating layouts, but the clear distance between seats is almost 8'-0". I will adjust the aisles to be 6" to compensate. Never had an issue with the old tool. Thanks for looking into the issue for me.
  2. Thanks, Jim, but I must be doing something wrong. I just opened a brand new file 2014 file and drew a seating layout (see below). Note significant border of unused space. David
  3. Recently migrated from VW2008 to 2014. When opening old plans with seating layouts, the seat counts are automatically reduced (from roughly 1200 to 900). Creating new seating layouts I find the same problem. There is a 2' border of unused space around all seating areas, whereas previously the seating symbols would populate the entire seating shape, right up to the edge. To workaround, I have exploded old seating layouts to symbols, but I would like to understand how to properly use the tool in 2014. Thanks for any advice. David
  4. Working on a VW2008 project with multiple files referenced together (eg. the floor plan layers are reference into the site plan, and vice versa). Just recently, all the files in this project will crash upon opening, at the "verifying file..." stage, which is apparently when the references are updated. If I rename or move the files so that the links are broken, the files will open up fine and then I can reestablish the references. Then (this is the crazy part) everything works normally for about a week until the same problem seems to infect the project again. I think I've isolated the problem to the door symbols in the floor plan. If I delete them from the resource library, save the plan, and then open the site plan, all seems well. These symbols are simple, 3 rectangles and an arc usually, and are used on many projects in my office. Does anyone have an idea on what's causing this problem and what I can do to fix it? Is there such thing as degenerative 2D symbol corruption in VW? Stripped down versions of my floor plan and site plan are located at: http://www.mediafire.com/file/feuazznhn2t/09ARB4-CD A0.5-Site Plan .vwx http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmn4zmyjgnj/09ARB4-CD A1-Plans_ACTIVE.vwx Thanks, David
  5. Ah, you just saved me tons of time. Thanks for replying to yourself
  6. An easy way to fill a bounded space is to use the polygon tool's "outer boundary mode". Select polygon tool, change the default "vertice mode" to "outer boundary mode" (icon looks like a lasso). Now you can lasso a group of lines or other objects and VW creates a new closed polygon that you can fill with a hatch.
  7. FYI -- this problem with the proposed area feature has been fixed in SP2.
  8. Has anyone successfully used the "proposed area" feature of the space tool? I'm having a little trouble. If I enter "1000" sq.ft. in the Proposed Area dialog box for example, the tag displays "PAREA: 0.011 sq ft". If I change it to "10000", the tag shows .108 sq ft. No matter what I do, it is off by a factor of roughly 92,904. Can anyone confirm whether they have the same problem in VW2008? Thanks in advance for your help. David
  9. I see what I did. It's working now for me now. This will be a really handy tool!
  10. I couldn't get Petri's script to work in VW2008. It works great in earlier versions though. I wish I'd been using it since 2003. Does someone who's more familiar with scripting know what has changed in '08 to affect this script? David
  11. Can you create a script that updates the data stamp and then runs a second script to print? It seems like that would allow the stamp to be updated before the print command was initiated and you wouldn't have to click on several menu items to accomplish it. Two scripts chained together. David
  12. A data stamp that automatically updates when you print would be really useful. You could stick it discretely in the corner of your sheets and have a record of when each sheet was actually printed. It's analogous to the date stamp your OS places on a file each time you update it. Something like this was last suggested 5 months ago here: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=mailthread&Board=12&Number=79150&page=0&fpart=1&what=showflat however I feel like updating whenever PRINTED is an important distinction to make. And I hesitate to mention that other CAD programs have had this exact feature for decades. I've posted about this in the Vectorscript Forum, but those guys say it is not possible to create a custom script to do this. Thanks as always, NNA, for considering our requests. David
  13. Are we at a dead end on this topic? Islandmon, are you suggesting Vectorworks has prohibited this feature? Thanks for trying, guys. I will wishlist this.
  14. I agree with boxjoint -- stack layers is a really neat tool and it eliminates the need for layer links. An extra bonus is that you can gray out certain layers, like maybe the roof, so that you can look down into the space and still rotate and manipulate your model during a presentation. David
  15. Thanks for working on this, Ion. I will be really excited (and grateful) if someone figures it out for '08. There have been so many times that I've been looking at two copies of the same plot, wondering which is newer and if there are any critical details I'd be losing if I issue the wrong one. Until now, my QC method has been to throw them both away a reprint the sheet : ) Thanks, David
  16. There still isn't a way to have a data stamp that updates itself upon being printed? That would be such a valuable tool. Relying on the user to manually update the time and date can be harmful -- if he forgets, then his drawing is telling a lie about when it was printed! Vectorgeek -- adding the script to the saved view is an intriguing idea, but I have abandoned saved views for sheet layers. David
  17. Thank you, Pat. That saves me a lot of time. Also, I'm really glad to have discovered your podcast. I'll be working my way through all the episodes. I'm an acquaintance of Francois' and regular at the Austin VWUG. Thanks again, David
  18. Is there a way to automatically count parking spaces created using the parking space tool? I've got several iterations of hundreds of spaces created with dozens of parking space strings and I'm tired of counting manually. I hope someone knows of a worksheet equation that will count the total number of spaces on a given layer. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks, David VW2008, Mac OS 10.4.10
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