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  1. Thanks for the reply Benson. I abandoned the landscape wall tool totally, and just did the presentation for the customer using extrudes. Maybe the tool will work with the new 2012 release
  2. I am having difficulty using the Attribute Mapping Tool on segments of a curving Landscape Wall. I'm wondering if the program doesn't allow the process and am wasting my time trying to do it. I am trying to get a texture to appear continuous instead of segmented.
  3. Vectorworks is claiming to be a strong 3D product. Vectorworks Service Select has a collection of Videos and Webinars On Demand available, but we need more concerning the 3D Tool Set. It would be nice to know the advantages and limitations of each type of 3D object, and how each can or can not be edited. Thanks, Tim
  4. It seems if you use a common font like Arial, it will print. I have had to search for fonts that did not contribute to printing problems.
  5. Tim P.

    Plant outlines

    The outlines that can be rendered around 2D plant symbols are associated with the "None class" in my file. If the line thickness is changed in the class and "Make All Attributes By Class" is checked in the Attributes pallet, the outlines appear to change in the "Edit Plant Definition" window's "Top/Plan Preview" box. The lines do not render differently in the drawing. Do other Vectorworks users have success changing the line thickness?
  6. Tim P.

    Plant outlines

    I have a similar question. Is it possible to change the line thickness of the outlines that can be rendered around 2D plant symbols? To clarify, I don't mean the Plants-Component-Outline Class.
  7. Thanks for working on the GDI/font problem. One font bug that I just noticed is that exporting a drawing with italics to PDF will create a PDF without italics.
  8. Try turning off GDI, and see if that helps. Many fonts will not display properly if GDI+imaging is checked on. I've been informed by Tech Support that it is not a bug and it is not on the list to be addressed in any patches.
  9. Graphical Device Interface. GDI is a Microsoft Windows interface for representing graphical objects and transmitting them to output devices. GDI is similar to QuickDraw for Apple computers. In order to show transparency, GDI must be turned on in Vectorworks. I would like the labels on my plans to have a hand lettered look. Thanks Petri.
  10. I've been informed by Tech Support that many of the TrueType fonts that I would like to use are not going to be compatible with VectorWorks. ("With fonts that are not standard or native to your operating system, some will work with GDI on and some will not. You may benefit from visiting the tech forums on our website and seeing what architectural fonts people are using in VectorWorks 2008.") If anyone knows of an architectural style font that works with GDI turned on, I would appreciate a response. Thanks!
  11. I've noticed that plant symbol tags display in different size fonts than the document setting, some are larger and some are smaller. This happens if the symbol is dragged from the Resource Browser. The font is the correct size if the plant tool is used. The drop down list in the plant tool scrolls so slowly that I prefer to use the Resource Browser. It is also more graphic, allowing thumbnail display of the symbol. Can the font size problem be solved with the Resource Browser?
  12. Tim P.

    plant symbols

    edit: DISREGARD The following actions result in a reportable crash. I wonder if this is a problem that is going to be fixed in service pack 2. (1) Double-click a plant symbol that has "Plant Shadows In Plan View" checked on. (2) Highlight the "Definition" button in the "Edit Plant" window. (3) Select "OK" DISREGARD... After rebooting the PC three times, I can not duplicate the problem. ??? go figure. Thanks Darrell.
  13. The same behavior occurs with my HP9800 printer. Exporting to PDF results in missing text. Hopefully the files that I sent to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net can duplicate the problem on your labs computers. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks for showing that VW is committed to improving it's products.
  14. VW disappears. The printer feeds a sheet of paper. The printer driver (HP Photosmart 8000 Series (60.51.644.0)) shows no activity. Other programs run normally.
  15. There is no message Katie. Perhaps I'm using the wrong term when I say "crash". VW instantly stops running when the problem occurs. I sent files and a bug submission earlier today.
  16. I have also noticed that an imported symbol that includes the scale of the drawing from VW12.5 is involved with my crashes.
  17. Try replacing all fonts with Arial. If that doesn't work, experiment with different fonts. Until VW is fixed, I'm limiting my selection of fonts. I have not had a crash since I've been doing this.
  18. GDI imaging seems to be involved in my crashes. If GDI imaging is checked on and if there is text in the drawing, many of the TrueType fonts will cause an immediate crash of VW2008 when I try to print. (HP 8050) If I export to PDF with GDI imaging on, the text is absent. Some fonts (even odd ones like "EraserDust") work fine, and cause no problems with GDI imaging on. BTW, my video card is NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200
  19. Islandmon, I tried a PDF experiment to test the exporting of fonts in VW2008. I exported a drawing containing a font that was installed by me.(without using the TrueType to Polyline command). When I rebooted the computer after deleting the font from windows, the missing font appeared in the PDF. Hopefully, when I send a design to a client, they will be able to print it with the chosen font.
  20. Katie, My operating system is XP on a PC. You were correct, I unchecked GDI imaging and the font displays properly. Islandmon, I understand what you mean about PDF & WWW. If I send a DXF or DWG, I will choose a common font. I plan to use the TrueType to Polyline command before exporting to PDF. Thanks Katie & Islandmon for your help!
  21. Hi Katie, The font is called "GFYThornesmith-Regular (OpenType)". I purchased it from Chank Co.
  22. Hello everyone. First a word of thanks for participating in these forums. Reading the posts has been helpful to me. I recently upgraded and have noticed that OpenType fonts that I was using in 12.5 do not display properly in 2008 (even though they are listed and can be selected). TrueType fonts work fine. Does 2008 support only TrueType fonts now?


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