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  1. We have updated from v2010 to v2011, run Macs on system 10.6.7, have installed vw SP3 and find that importing dwg files has become very difficult if not impossible with beach ball appearing 2/3 way through import. If you leave the computer overnight, it will import the file eventually but when you try and save, VW crashes out. Now if we import the same dwg file into v2010, it works fine. Now you explain that ! Needless to say I am having to make a lot of coffee while waiting......someone else out there must be having the same kind of problems. Please help
  2. Katie Have found that for this upgrade to work properly you also need to empty the application support folder of the 'Vectorworks 2008' folder and remove any 'nemetschek' preferences from library folder - if not, we have found it doesn't work properly. It is bad enough that it takes about 2 hours to reinstall as it is without the reinstall not working properly!
  3. Hi Have just updated the office from Vectorworks Fundamentals to Architect and received new dongle serial numbers. Added those into the serial numbers preferences box on each machine, and 'about vectorworks' now says Fundamentals and Architect, and navigation palette shows but have not got all the additional tools we know should be there - what have we done wrong ? Any help/clues please Machines are generally MacIntel's running 10.4.11 with 2GB Ram
  4. Thanks - looked in the resource palette and sure enough, there was a scale bar. I could either place the original (symbol) in the document and edit it or delete it from the resource palette and start again using the scale bar tool.
  5. I have found that in both VW 12.5.2 and now VW 2008, I cannot use the scale bar tool to insert into some drawings. If I create a new document, it works fine, but some of my legacy drawings from 12.5.2 seem to be a problem. The tool on the palette does not select the scale bar tool when clicked. Anyone any ideas ?


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