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  1. quote: Originally posted by Katie: You have to select the Style 1, 2, 3, etc for a door, window, stair, etc before the class will show up in the Classes dialog box. What plugins are you placing? Are you placing symbols from the library or using the plug-ins? I am using the plug ins direct. Also I've just noticed on the complex window plug-in if I use the slant top selection ( or any but none ) the muntins disappear.
  2. Anyone know why I don't have Style 1, Style 2 etc. classes available for my plug-in objects now I have upgraded to VW 11.5?
  3. I have just started to use Vectorworks with renderworks after upgrading to v11. I cannot get a small file of a modest building to render in final quality renderworks. It crashes every time. I run the software on a Mac G4/867 Powerbook with 512mb of memory on OS10.3.5. Is this just the normal version "improvement" syndrome? Does anyone else have problems with Renderworks in v11?
  4. We have a osx server connected to macs and pc's. The pc's running Windows XP pro can't save large files (over 1.8 mb) to the server without getting a delayed write failed error. We all run Vworks 10.5.1. This does not happen with any other programme or file size eg powerpoint or photoshop where file sizes are up to 10 mb. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know a fix?
  5. We are running VW 10.5 on OSX on a mixed platform peer to peer network. The mac users are having a problem reading files from cd's they have written. The error message comes up: -61 No Write Permission Attempt to open file - FSOPEN The files have been taken off a pc on the network saved to the mac desktop and then copied to cd on the mac. The files can be opened off the cd by the pc's. This doesn't happen with anyother file type we know. [ 10-15-2003, 12:23 PM: Message edited by: Jonathan L ]
  6. Katie, I mean that the shift key does not constrain the line if I'm drawing with unconstrained line. The cues do appear though. I use keys to swap tool modes a lot. The alt key not working to duplicate and toggle the eye dropper tool as well as this shift problem is playing havoc with my drawing technique. Though I am getting very good drawing round complicated groups of objects with the lasso tool.
  7. Thanks Katie but I have done it all. And it still doesn't work. Restarting ad infin. etc. The shift key works in other programmes - for defaulting lines to horizontal/ vertical - but maybe this is just a selective affliction as you suggested earlier. The only other info I can provide is that the new 12 inch g4 powerbook we have in the office which we updated to 10.2.4 from 10.2.1 and updated to VWorks Architect 9.5.3 does not have this problem.
  8. I have followed your advice and I still have the very aggravating non functioning shift click problem. The update to 10.2 has also taken out the option click marquee method of selecting any object that came partly into the marquee area. I love progress. g3/400 powerbook 0S10.2.4 VW ARCHITECT 9.5.3 and carbonlib 1.6 Also I have noticed in 9.5.2 prior to 10.2 upgrade inconsistencies with the measuring tool - is there a fix for this. Can't see any discussion about it
  9. quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: The "cut plane" of the SW2/ SD2 does indeed pick up the line weight of the wall. There is a field in the door objects called "wall line scale" that allows you to decrease or increase the line weight of the door relative to the wall. Use a figure of less than 1 to decrease, greater than 1 to increase. This doesn't work when using the door with sidelights plug-in option. The window glass line and the jambs take on the line thickness of the wall i.e. thick and ugly. Anyway around this?
  10. Anyone found out how to render roofs created by using the Roof Face tool in Renderworks9. I'm using it with VW Architect9 mac version. Works ok with the other objects including roofs from roof tool (from polygons walls etc.) [This message has been edited by Jonathan L (edited 06-15-2001).] [This message has been edited by Jonathan L (edited 06-15-2001).]
  11. Vectorworks Architect 9 on mac g3/233 os8.6. Anyone found out how to get rid of this problem without turning off all the ATI Rage extensions. Is it me or are the main features of this upgrade to increase file sizes by about 40% and slow everything down? Thats enough griping now.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Clay: Does anyone have experience opening a VW document on Mac that was created on a windos machine? I have been trying to do this with a draftsman in Canada, but with no luck. Is there a VW draftsman in Atlanta that would like to work on residential drafting? Please email me if you have any sufggestions. Thank you Rchitect4@aol.com This is a bit late. WE use windows and macs running Vectorworks on a network and its no problem. Check that the File Exchange control panel is set for Vectorworks to open .mcd files. Rebuild your desktop if these settings stop working. (Restart with command + alt held down)
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