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  1. Yes still have the problem after all this time. Jsut thought I'd have another look to see if anyone had an answer. Maybe its because I've got Acrobat Professional installed.

    Yes and I have Vworks Architect 2008.

  2. I posted soemthing on this last year. Still no fix for this? ie the IMPORT PDF otion brings up a nice window explaining there is no plugin. And lo there is a plugin in the folder. Perhaps its just a decoy.

  3. One for the mac users. We have just updated our server to 10.4.11. Since then all mac users have had problems where after opening and working on the file saving and re-opening we get a corruption warning and we can't open the file. The work around is to move the 'corrupted ' file from the server to the desktop and hey presto it opens fine. A long time ago we had problems with windows versions having fallings out with the server.

    Anyone else got this one? It doesn't happen in any other software so far....

  4. We cannot import pdf's into drawings. We get an error regarding a plug in missing (I know of none available) on the macs. Something about authorisation on the pc's.

    We can import as an image file - but then its converted in the process to a png or jpeg. Anyone know where the plug in is?

    Running latest VW Architect2008.

  5. Thanks Peter. I did use Layer Link previously. Would be interested to find out the other ways some time too. Still getting used to VW08. I thought that i might be able to do something with Design Layer viewports but havn't investigated so far.


  6. Is it still possible to create line elevations by copy convert to lines from a 3D model view? With stack layers I can only copy one layer at a time (ie. one floor of the building). I can convert copy the viewport on the sheet layer but its not to scale....

  7. I have a VW 2008 file that I can't render the viewport of a stair that I have in the design layer. All the options are available in the design layer. In the viewport only a few options are available - sketch, hidden line etc. and none of them work. The image remains a wire frame.

  8. We are getting problems where the windows machines running windows XP and VW 2008 latest service pack get an apparently corrupted version of a file (created on a mac) when it opens up. It opens fine on the mac machines all running latest versions of software and operating system OSX 10.5. The file on the windows machine shows a sheet layer with the sheet and viewport a mile away from each other. On the working design layer it has created some horizontal lines that seem to run off into infinity. Very tedious.

  9. I am running Vworks 2008 on OSX 10.5.2 on a Macbook 2 Ghz processor with1 gB memory.

    Yes it was class visibility. I am very confused but this whole system of styles/ classes but will gradually get my head around it

  10. I've investigated this further. If I import a wall style that works in another drawing then I can draw walls in the affected drawing. I still don't understand what happened to the walls I'm trying to draw with the styles that are supposed to be in the drawing (including unstyled). Seems an awful messy thing to me.

  11. I've had a problem with 3 files I have been working on where the wall tool suddenly becomes inoperative. I can select the tool, draw a length of wall, but nothing appears on the drawing. Any fixes?

  12. Yes. The problem with this is that when you're dealing with 1000 x in metric land the accuracy of the drawing goes and you can't do any accurate site co-ordinates from it (in Autocad that is in this case).

  13. Changing the units (this is Autocad 2007) made no difference in Autocad. Its possible that the original survey drawing that has been imported into Autocad is the source of the problem. To explain - the Vworks drawing has been created from Autocad dwg drawings - it works fine until I try and export back to Autocad. Originally I had to set the units in my Vworks drawing to meters to get the drawing to import to scale.

  14. We are experiencing problems exporting drawings to scale from VW 11.5.1 to Autocad 2004. The drawings come through legible but when objects are measured onmodel space they come out 1000 times smaller. I have tried changing units and exporting to both scale options. Makes no difference. If we rescale in Autocad the accuracy of the drawing goes so that it no longer corresponds to the Ordnance Survey grid it has been set to - ie the drawing distorts its position. Any solutions?

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