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  1. Since my original post i have managed to change the compatability of the program to Windows 2000, so the program now opens but does not recognise the dongle. It says: "A VectorWorks dongle could not be found. make sure the dongle is connected and that all the required drivers have been installed. VactorWorks will now quit" My computer knows the dongle is there as it installed the drivers when i first connected it, and i have been through to try and update all the usb drivers but they were all up to date already.
  2. The free student version is only available in the United States. I am in the UK. What are my options?
  3. Is there any way to get around this or will i have to run my computer on the previous version of windows? I am a student and can't afford to upgrade vectorworks.
  4. I just installed my version of Vectorworks 11 on my new laptop which operates on Windows Vista. The installation went through no problem though as soon as i tried to open the program a box popped up asking that is use "windows 98 or better". Vista is better than 98 why can i not open it? How can i get round this problem. Thanks.
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