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  1. so i had a chance to play with this problem some more, and it persists. i edited the font mapping settings, no help. a file with meticulously edited transparencies looks fine on my work machine, and when i brought it home to work on it there, all the transparencies became 100% again. quartz imaging is ON. should it not be? it says it helps with transparencies. how can this be quicktime related?
  2. i changed the global font mappings here on my work machine...will do the same at home later. thanks for the tip, we'll see if that does it. drives me crazy how easily fonts can remap themselves, change their format/spacing, etc.
  3. hi. i searched a bit through the font pages, but really, there are 80+ pages of topics related to font issues and i can't seem to locate one specific to my problem, so here goes. in addition to VW being kind of fussy in general about fonts, i'm having this problem now that's driving me ape. i work on a new intel iMac (aluminum bezel) and also at home on an older intel iMac (white model) both of which are running the latest leopard update as well as VW2008-Arch. any time i bring a file home from the office, the file loads with all text in DESDEMONA!!! with 6-8 sheets per drawing, and multiple annotation protocols, and groups on sheet layers and in design layers, it's so time consuming to be constantly adjusting the fonts. and why desdemona of all things? also, not font related, but sometimes the transfer of files from one machine to another also messes with transparencies that i have meticulously setup on sheet layers. any thoughts on either of these problems?? thanks.
  4. vw2008 + SP2, iMac Intel Core Duo the callout tool has been squirrely since vw2008 came out. sp2 helped a little, but it's still awfully buggy. every time i edit text, or change a callout note, the body text formatting within the legend goes haywire. sometimes the loci for reshaping the legend winds up in a far away corner of the drawing. also, when editing text, i can no longer see the text i'm attempting to edit. when you select the text with the text selection tool it's as if the text box were empty, but when i ESC out of the text edit mode, it reappears. makes for difficult, nay, impossible editing. anyone else see this?
  5. vw2008 + SP2, iMac Intel Core Duo when editing text, i can no longer see the text i'm attempting to edit. as if the text box were empty, but when i ESC out of the text edit mode, it reappears. makes for difficult, nay, impossible editing. anyone else see this?
  6. i have a large floorplan that needs to be viewported in landscape format to fit on a conventional sheet. i need to make annotations using the number stamp tool at the design layer but when my plan is rotated 90deg on the design layer, all my stamps show up in relation to the 0 deg axis. i can't locate any preference or user defined setting for this. any workaround other than notating in the viewport annotation? i'm reluctant to do that given that i need instant access to record formats for individual items in addition to being able to annotate correctly. am i missing something? vw2008 SP2 Arch/RW iMac Intel Leopard
  7. Update: Just finished downloading and installing SP2. Callout tool and Keynote Legend still somewhat buggy, but working correctly for the most part. It appears that there's a new handle which allows you to drag and drop the space between the bullet/number in the keynote legend and the beginning text for each note. Was pretty squirrelly, but under control once I figured out what to do with it. Anybody else experience some of this?
  8. After developing a sizable database of commonly used callout notes, I'm finding in version 2008 that anything from 12.5 is really buggy. For example, when I open a 12.5 file in 2008, all of the notes from the Keynote Legend are in the wrong font. When I double click the Legend to bring up the database and notes manager, it shows no notes and worse still, when I cancel out of the dialog box, the notes then disappear completely. This is a repeatable problem that seems to persist on two different machines (both Mac with Leopard) whenever I open a 12.5 file that has callouts and a Keynote Legend. Thoughts? Thanks in advance... (FWIW - I have not yet installed SP1 or SP2 for the new OS. COuld this be the culprit?)
  9. about 30+meg each...i'll post to our ftp and email you a direct link for download. sound okay?
  10. i do have the original 12 file, though the problem only exists in 2008. would you want to see one/both of them? how? thanks...
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Katie...but the Worksheet/Texture icons show up in the resource browser, but even with the little arrows pointing down to open the respective folders, there's nothing in them. Here's a screenshot to illustrate my point...An open worksheet is seen to the right, but no worksheets are shown in the RB.
  12. vw 2008 arch/rw iMac intel dual core current os-x (pre-leopard) here's the problem...a file that was native to 12.5 was recently converted and worked upon in 2008. now, all of a sudden, my resource browser is showing no worksheets, no record formats, no textures, no nothing except for symbols. however, the worksheets themselves are still in the file and appear to be functioning normally, and there appears to be nothing unusual about the record format instances when i click upon a given item. tried restarting, tried the same file on two different machines (the other a G5 desktop) with no results. any thoughts? -ml
  13. thank you! i knew it had to be there...i just couldn't remember the name correctly.
  14. was it eliminated from 2008? help! i can't find it! i use it for labeling all of my equipment plans. if it has been removed from 2008, does someone have a good suggestion for what other tool to use for sequential numbering with user-defined prefixes? thanks! -ml


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