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  1. If anyone has recently gotten an hp9800 and had difficulties printing from VW or even pdf's of VW files (windows xp), try the following: Download the driver for a deskjet 9600 Add a printer in control panel (deskjet 9600) with the downloaded driver. Set this printer as the default. There are some other tweeky things that I did with hp support in the printer properties window like check the low memory box, so going through it with them would be the most direct path to success.
  2. I went into control panel and can report the following: Under -properties - advanced: The following options were checked: Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster. Start printing immediately Print spooled documents first enable advanced printing features
  3. Ok, I did this and have been waiting 5 minutes with the printer blinking and the window still open that says "Now printing page 1 of 1". I cannot work on anything with this window open.... 8 minutes - I can't stand it - I'm cancelling.
  4. The driver # is 60.51.544.0 if that tells you anything... I'm not sure what you mean by "in the drop down". When I go to Page Setup, I have 1 vertical page by 1 horizontal page and in the Printable Area section 16.35 width by 10.75 height. The printer setup is set to Tabloid
  5. Windows XP VW 12.5.1 File size about 3.8mb 11x17 one page
  6. I noticed some postings earlier this summer about difficulties printing VW files with the 9800. I am experiencing the same thing. I wait and wait and nothing comes out. When I cancel the print job finally, the printer spits out ten or so pages, some with a line of symbols at the top. Were there any solutions? I had an old Canon pinter that worked beautifully until, at 11 years old, just couldn't do it anymore. Printing 11x17 pdf's from VW files is quite slow too. It is seeming like a printer compatability problem.....


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