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  1. thanks, I've got a nice scale bar set up along the lines you suggested, and that sorts the division of minor and major. But it still gives me a total of 100mm with 'adjust units' checked, and zeros without, rather than an at-scale length of 100m (the same for the 1/2500 sheet, where 100mm would be an 250m). Is this because I'm trying to do it on the sheet layers (which dont seem to have a scale setting) rather than a design layer - even though the viewports are set to scale. It would be better for me, layout-wise to have the scale bars on the sheet layers, and placing a scale bar on a design layer using the figures above gives a squashed,illegible bar.
  2. p.s. I forgot to mention - even when (by chance) I got the bar the right length for my 1/500, I couldn't input any units that made sense!(+ I can't work out how to get VW to come up with the right ones)
  3. I want to insert a scale bar into each of my (currently) 3 sheet layers, one at 1/1250 and 2 at 1/500. Inserting a scale bar seems to bring in a bar who's thickness I can edit in "printed height" but the "minor length" seems the only way to adjust the length, and I can't work out what the value of 0-10 means (doesn't make a big difference to length). e.g. for my 1/1250 I want a bar 80mm long - 100metres, but I can't seem to be able to set this length. Also, with the 'adjust units' box checked in the object info all the values on the bar are 0. Without it checked it gives me the actual paper size in mm. The viewport scale is set at 1/2500, and my design layers are 1/100. can anyone help me!
  4. thanks to you both, thats been really helpful, though I feel daft for making up 'viewsheets'. This will keep me going for now in my explorations! cheers again
  5. I hope I'm not being daft, but in fumbling my way round VW 12.5 with the help of a quickstart guide to VW10 (ie not that useful for quite a few things! am waiting for the Resolve Architect Workbook but its not due til next thurs!) I'm having trouble grasping the viewsheets. 1/ I want to do 1 drawing then print a site plan at 1/2500, a few block plans at 1/500, and some more detailed files. Currently I am drawing at 1/1 and have managed to get a couple of viewsheets set up at other scales. Should I drop the 1/1 and if so what scale should I use for the 'main' drawing? I'm a bit confused by the possibility of having layers at different scales - should I keep them all at ?? scale? 2/ What happens to hatches as they move accross scales? Should I hatch in the 'main drawing' (don't work at 1/1!) and if so, how do they scale for the different viewsheets? Is it the same with text, and would I make a different layer/ class for text to go on a layout at 1/100, to text for the site plan at 1/2500? How about putting text straight on a viewsheet? 3/ Do 'I use 'sheet layers' or 'viewsheets' to print my different plans from (the viewsheets I have seem to be within a sheet layer) 4/ Do I set up borders/ drawing titles in the drawing, the viewsheets, or sheet layers? sorry for such general questions, which clearly suggest I'm having trouble grasping some core concepts. I've been hunting for web-based info on this but it all seems to be related to finer points. Any help much appreciated as I'm trying to get some basic drawings done for our lovely planners by monday!
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