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  1. @Matt Panzer Thanks for taking a look - thats a reasonable workaround for now and better than my white masks!
  2. Not the same issue, but fits under the same thread title... I am trying to embrace a (nearly) all 3D workflow, and m generally enjoying horizontal section viewports as I seem to get closer to the drawing style I like. But staircases are showing a rectangular line/ block top/ bottom - as if there is a bit of stair structure that has not embedded properly win the slabs. See screenshot attached... any ideas? I am currently littering my sheet layers with little white blocks covering these and various other niggles, but it would be nice to know if its just something obvious that I've missed?
  3. Still finding this unreliable - settings the same or less as previous post, same VP, but the handrail looks way more sketchy than that (or I want). Why should it be so different each time, and can I submit a request for finer grained control of the settings? In theory this setting does exactly what I want, as I'm used to tracing over by hand to produce wobbly line drawings, but it feels like the tool is not yet there for me.
  4. Sorry, hold that, I seem to be getting better results now with the settings as shown. For me it would be better if all the sketch settings were recalibrated to give much more subtle results, much more control of the first 20% of the tool settings.
  5. Has anyone used Hidden Line Sketch Style in 2021 yet? Using the default 'careful' setting, or any of my own that should give a discreet sketch style with slight wobbly lines I am getting wild overstriking and wobbling - seems impossible to tone it down to what I like (and achieved in 2020). See screenshots. In particular thats not how I want the balustrading & fencing to appear!
  6. Yep sure - attached. Its just an early massing model of an existing house that I want to add some proposals to (and I'm trying hard to work with a Storey type workflow). I changed the wall style and deleted the wall peaks then ran 'fit to objects' again, and it fitted differently (but still overshot the geometry/ different angle to roof). Changing the wall style back reverted to the form shown in the original post. Weird? 103-Proposed.vwx
  7. Hello - anyone got any idea what the problem might be here? I have done the 'Fit walls to objects' - 'Roof' and its clearly struggling to detect the geometry as I see it. I guess I can fudge it by dragging the wall peak down manually but its a very simple form so it would be surprising if that was necessary? Thanks Mike
  8. Just as an addition, I've now put some roof lights in the house model, but they don't show when its referenced into the site model. The relevant class is turned on (all classes are on) and it is visible within the model if I hold the 'B' key - but doesn't show through the roof (nor is it visible within the space as it would be if for some reason the Roof was in a different 'Z' position but the roof lights weren't. I'm a bit puzzled - have tried restarting etc. Mike.
  9. Hi I don't know if this is a familiar problem to anyone - I have modelled a house and referenced it into a site model - see attached screenshots. The weird thing is that the roof has moved upwards by its own height in the process. Everything else is showing correct Z height - its just the roof. In the house file, its fine, in the Site Model its not. Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks Mike VW2018 2015 iMac
  10. Wow! I just looked back to this thread & now I wish I had 'auto notify of new replies' on - I was just abut to try (again, and no doubt unsuccessfully!) to reset my preferences as this is still a problem for me. Its irritating, but having looked at the thread the copy to desktop workaround works for me also. Strange though, as we have our files on a cloud storage, but there is a local copy of all files on my computer that I work from, and that is checked and backed up to the server - and I also have the desktop set to backup. Its technologically a bit beyond me I'm afraid, but happy(ish) with the workaround - at least compared to not being able to import! Just got to remember to delete those files off the desktop straightaway afterwards!
  11. I think I'm getting there - Forum to the rescue once again, thankyou.
  12. Thanks again, though I'm afraid I'm still having trouble with the field value method. I was going to try filtering all first floor windows - these have a prefix "W-1-". See screenshot - I put value-prefix-W-1- into cell B4, which seems to have the existing filtering info in for the ID prefix. It tells me there are 14 Objects that meet this criteria, but when I hit the tick button the formula "(('Window'.'IDPrefix'='W-1-'))=(Window.IDLabel)" is repeated into every box in the C column, instead of operating as a filter. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I'm afraid its not obvious to a beginner!
  13. PS... Whereabouts do you place "the criteria. "ID# <50"" - if I look under the 'Insert' menu of the worksheet, I see criteria, but no options for a text based formula. Apologies if I'm missing something obvious, but I'm pretty new to the worksheets and finding the available information pretty patchy and spread around across various versions (including VW info, archoncad etc). It would be great to see a really comprehensive, up to date set of videos on this. :-)
  14. Thanks all - JMR - do you mean that you then have a worksheet for each page, as it were? What are the issues there - does that lead to info being easily missed off? Jonathan - if using viewports, do you have to create a big sheet layer that has the master worksheet on, and then viewport to further sheet layers from there? This has the potential to be quite a big drawback for us. One of the key things we 'bought into' with VW was the pseudo Desktop Publishing capabilities, but I have the same problem with text documents that frequently run over 20-30 pages. Every time I edit them I have to make the page breaks work by cut/pasting a bit from the end of a page onto the next page, triggering a domino effect through the document. I don't like the viewport options really as that is what we did with ACAD, and I was forever dragging handles around to try to make sure that all text was visible as intended. I would think it is really a key issue for many that text and worksheet data can 'flow' seamlessly from one page/ sheet to the next.
  15. Apologies if this has been answered before - but if it has I can't find it! Although we produce drawings at A1/A2, we like specifications and schedules to be A4/ A3. I'm currently trying to produce a project wide specification as a series of database linked keynotes with more detailed specs in a keynote legend that forms a separate document. I'd expect this to run over, perhaps 10 sheets of A4 but I can't see how to break the legend over these pages (I want it to be a single legend as I want it to sort alphabetically). Is this possible? Likewise for a window schedule with images (or any other worksheet) - I want to set up a decent image/ font size and allow it to flow over multiple pages. Thanks! Mike
  16. I have tussled with this myself a bit - the thread I started here might help you a bit.... none of it is as intuitive as you would like! Mike
  17. On a similar layer-visibility note, I'm having problems with lower floor wall structure showing 'through' windows on an upper layer. The attached screenshot shows my plan of floor 0.5 (split-level house), I need to have the design layer for floor 0.0 turned on as in some areas the walls that are within floor 0.5 are drawn in 0.0 (in any case I want to see elements that are drawn in 0.0 that are not 'covered' by elements in 0.5 - such as lower level walls etc - on my plan drawing). Clearly I want the windows to cover the lower floor plan to make it legible. They're definately inserted into the wall on floor 0.5, and my window class has an opaque white fill - am I missing something?!
  18. Thanks Wes, that sorted it :-) although it bends my mind slightly (if I have it right) that elements that are three dimensionally 'below' another in their virtual-physical relationship, can be 'above' that other in terms of stacking order and thus visibility!
  19. Happy New Year all! Back at the grindstone I have a number of steel columns that sit within the wall structures, and pass from foundation level to roof level. So it seems best to me to model them on my 0- level and give them the correct height, as you would build it. On that (0-) level the columns (structural member tool, shs) are visible as they pass through the wall, so I can co-ordinate their position in plan. However, when I switch on the visibility for the next level (0.5- as its a split-level house), the columns appear to be obscured by the wall structure on that level and are not visible in plan, similarly if they pass through the floor that appears to obscure them also. Is this familiar to others? How do people manage this? I really don't want to break continuous vertical steel elements down to level-by-level components as that seems very complex and liable to wasting time/ going wrong. I suppose where the steel goes through the floors I could clip a hole for them to pass through but that would be a bit of a pain to edit and doesn't solve the issue with walls...? The columns are all visible in 3D as they pass through walls and floors so I'm unclear why not in plan? Thanks! Mike
  20. Is this familiar to anyone - I get a magenta line to each edge of my roof on hidden line renderings seemingly at random (although shown is hidden line over RW white card, the issue is with the hidden line element and will show up on a hidden line only render). The house with that roof is a reference file, none of the roof component classes are magenta, and no class overrides are set up. I have just re-rendered the two viewports, which share the same settings. Last time I rendered those VPs (about 1 hour ago) neither had the magenta edging, first one did, now they both do. I haven't been tampering with the roof or related classes in the meantime (or not in any way I'm aware of!). The same issue was also affecting the barn shown in the same VPs earlier, not now! If its still happening at the point where I want to issue the drawings its gonna be a bit irritating... Anyone had similar issues? (also note the ongoing hatch-alignment-between-walls-across-floors issue!) Cheers Mike 17-126-Model-3D-COMBINED_web.pdf
  21. Hi its worth having a search particularly for issues/ requirements that you think others might share. A search for "vectorworks white card" turns up a lot of results, including http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2016/getting-started-guides/common/white-card-rendering
  22. Hi Jim - the link to "maintain a copy of your preferences" on this page https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/troubleshooting/resetting-vectorworks-preferences-r264/&tab=comments now appears to be broken - could you update please? (I still have the pdf issue...)
  23. Yes, I don't think rooflights is an area where VW covers itself in glory. I had to refamiliarise myself with them in the last few days and its incredibly clunky. What to an outsider would 'just' seem to need a variant of the window tool that can work on an angle with roof and slab objects is instead almost unusable. Even once I have a rooflight in place I can never predict whether it will be visible at any one time. I can see why nrkuhl does what they do, and may adopt the same practice, but its a bit of a sad workaround.
  24. I'd suggest you select the viewport on the sheet layer, then click on foreground render and choose hidden line, click on background and apply Open GL (for speed). Click render and print out or save as pdf. Then do the same but click 'none' for foreground render. Compare the images. Then have a play around with the other render combinations, rendering and printing/ creating a pdf each time. This all assumes you are working with a 3D model, rather than a 2D line drawing.
  25. Thanks - thats what I felt should work, but I have no effect from those settings - see screenshot where the edge bound for the mineral wool is -250mm. It also feels like 'Modification - Clipped by walls' should do what I want, but it doesn't. The roof is modelled out of individual faces, interestingly I've just tried a test model with a 'Create Roof', and within that the negative offset works for the components as I want it to. I've generally used roof faces more sucessfully than the Create Roof tool as we have a lot of asymmetric & irregular or monopitch roofs.
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