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  1. Thanks, Have the upgrade, just have not installed it yet.
  2. Is there any way to copy an object from some reference point? Basically, if I select an object and want to copy it from a reference point of another object, can it be done? I have tried selecting an object and then holding down the control key and moving it from the point of another object, but it just ends up automaitcally selecting the other object and copying it instead.
  3. Yep, that is waht i am talking about. So i guess there is no way to have a leader automatically generated, oh well.
  4. Sorry, I should be more clear. I am talking about constrained or unconstrained line dimensions. So if i am dimensioning something like casework and i have a small piece that is 3/4" wide, when i pull the text outside of the dimension, there is no way that a leader is generated from the text to the line of the dimension? It does pull the line of the dimension out to be under the text, but with a bunch of smaller dimensions, it becomes unclear. I used to use Microstation and it would automatically create a small arc with a filled circle on the end that went from the text to the center of the dimension.
  5. doesn't work on mine? I am using the standard VW 12.5 setup. Architectural Dimensions Setting, when I pull the text out from the center of the dimension, it just moves the text and line underneath. There is no arc or leader created. Tried using other dimension standard also.
  6. New to Vectorworks. Does anyone know if there is an automatic way to have leader lines generated when you pull the text of the dimsion outside of the witness lines? I would hate to have to go in and draw little arcs at all the dimensions that the text is too big to fit between the lines.
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