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  1. The drawings we have a fairly simple. There may be some hatching in the walls that is part of their components, but it is minor. There is not anything really outrageous. (I've attached a JPEG of the drawing sheet). Mainly, it is just a floor plan. Not too many symbols, not too many hatches or components. The consultant mentioned he was having a similar issue with another firm who uses VW. In my latest attempt, i exported as a really low version of AutoCAD (V10) to see if that would help. Previously, we were exporting as AutoCAD 2002. I have not heard back yet from the consultant to see if that made a difference or not????
  2. We are working with a consultant who uses AutoCAD. When we got his PDF files with our backgrounds, they were massive (7+MB per sheet). We talked to him about it, he said that when they import any of our CAD background (DWG's created from our VW Files), they are really slow and take forever to regenerate. We normally create a DWG file using the Export Command. Tried to take off all the 3D options. But it still ends up with the same file type. When we view it with a DWG viewer, the plans show up with their "Z" Attributes. Does anyone know a way to avoid this? Is there anyway to just export a sheet file as lines, so none of the 3D attributes or item attributes are translated?
  3. Just tried that. Not exactly what i am looking for. I used to use Microstation. When you placed text, you were given an option of how you wanted it placed. So you could choose to just place standard text, or you could do things like "Above Element" "Along Element" "Below Element" etc. The text would remain as editable text, the element would remain as it is and not be modified by the text. You were therefore able to type in text then click on an object and it would place the text above or along a line or curve. It would follow the angle or curve but be completely independent of the element.
  4. Is there anyway to have text placed on or above a line or curve without resorting to using the "change line into dimension work around"??? Basically, if you have line or curve that, you could say "place text above" or place text inline" with the object??? I couldn't find anything on the Forum or in the help file.
  5. Is there anyway to specify a Door Frame Head Size so that it is different from the Jamb size?
  6. Thanks, I figured there would be a work around. If the object has the information (like arc length) in its attributes, i would think there would be a dimension tool that would measure or show these. Maybe this will be a option under 2009. We are upgrading soon. Currently running VW2008 on Windows XP.
  7. Is there anyway to dimension an Arc Length? If you have a partial arc or curve, the information is available in the object info, but is there any tool to do a dimension of the arc length? One that would look similar to a radius, but have a length instead of degrees??? Tried to change the options under units, but that did not work. The selected objects mode under constrained dimension will only give the x,y dimensions?
  8. Thanks all, Finally got back to a project that needed the door hardware info. We are using 2008 with XP. It did work moving the Pref's file to another location. It does not seem to be adding random blanks in the lists. Thanks again!!!
  9. Judah, Thanks, i did find that file and had modified it. It seemed to work for the most part. I was still having some difficulties, from what I remember, it was due to the location of the default set vs. a project specific set? I think even after i had modified the file, VW would defualt to a different Pref Data Set. Will have to try again and see what happens.
  10. Trying to add Door Hardware to doors. Using the "Include Hardware" when you go into the Edit menu. If i add a Hardware set, and try to add it to another door, sometime it works, sometimes the set completely disappears. And a bunch of blank sets keep appearing in the list. Is there anyway to edit the list outside of VW? Like through a text editor? I noticed a text script under the VW script editor that was door hardware??? Help.....Very Frustrated!!
  11. Thanks for all the replies, unfortunately, we were hoping there was a way for the "hatch" to show up in background elevation of the section so we would not have to go in and draw the wainscote in elevation. It seems like the only way to get the wainscote be in elevation is to draw it in annotation space of the VP?? So we will have to draw it and punch holes or go around the fixtures...
  12. We are trying to draw a pattern on a section viewport. basically a wainscot on an toilet room elevation. is there any way to get the hatch to go around the fixtures automatically, or be behind the fixture but in front of the wall?? If you draw a rectangle in annotation space and send it to the back, it goes behind the wall and disappears??
  13. Figured it out. In the "Options - Vectorworks Preferences" under the Display tab, if you check the "show other objects while in groups" then the border will show up while you ar ein annotation space.
  14. We tried to convert the sketch up file to DWG and then bring it into VW, but the 3d solids from Sketch Up came in with all the faces triangulated and some other lines (construction???) that didn't seem to belong to anything. I think that right now we are resolved to just manually transfer the layers to the classes.
  15. Thanks. Have you used this plug-in? Does anyone know if there is a way to accomplish this without purchasing a plugin or additional software?
  16. Is there any easy way to convert layers to classes?? When we import a sketchup file, all the items come in on the same class but different layers. We basically want the opposite, so that they are on different classes but the same layer. Is there a way to change how it is imported? Or a way to easily chnage the layer definitions to classes???
  17. Is there any way to have the drawing border/title block that is in the main viewport space show up in the annotation space so that one can see it???? That way you are not constantly switching back and forth to move text or notes that may overlap the title block since you can not see title block when you are in annotation space??
  18. Yeah, we are on Windows, I think we could do something with assigning a specific file to open through the program short cut. Would like to open into no document so you dont have to go through closing it and opening an existing document.
  19. Tried to use the ID label tool to label wall types. It creates the ID fine, but if the wall is running left to right on the screen, it will not make a leader line to the wall. This only appears to happen when I try to input the ID using a 90 Degree Angle to the wall - So basically - true perpendicular. I can place an id and the leader will point to the wall when it is at an angle???????
  20. Is there anyway to have the program startup so it does not open a new Untitled Document? Basically, when you start up the program it does not open any document?
  21. We are having trouble with Keynote Legend using the Database. The only way we can get it to appear is if we place them in the model space.While this works ok, it leads to problems in terms of scales and sheet layout??? We run Win XP with VW2008 SP2. Spent about 2 hours trying to figure out why the keynote legend wont show up on any sheet/VP/Annotation spaces, only to find out that it wont work at all......It seems to us that it makes the most sense to have this in the sheet/VP/Annotation as opposed to the model space. Just like you would put text or other notes in the annotation space. Is there somewhy to get it to work?
  22. Figured it out - Kind of??? Noticed a post regarding a SP2 printing problem and they said.... "We are in the process of investigating the printing problem on Windows. For now, if you turn of the GDI + Image option on the Display tab of the VectorWorks Preferences, you will be able to print. Gunther" Tried this in SP1 and was able to print Greyscale to PDF. Not sure what the GDI+ is or does????
  23. PC, Running XP with Adobe Acrobat 8
  24. Thanks, I've tried that, but it always comes out in color? Not sure if there is some sort of settings conflict or iterface issues?
  25. Does anyone know a way to create a PDF greyscale, without just checking the "Black&White Only" box in Document Preferences which looses the shading/fills? Want to create a greyscale PDF either through the PDF Export or with Adobe PDF printer (Windows XP). Even when I check the "B&W" under the Adobe PDF printer settings, the resulting PDF file comes out in color?
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