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  1. We have tried a bunch of different export file types, DWG, DXF, V12 through V2010. But it always makes a large PDF file. The actual DWG file that is created is only 200K or so and they dont have an issue working in it, just when they make a PDF file.
  2. They have the ability to reduce the DPI of the output file. When they changed it, the file size stayed the same, but it regenerated quicker. It does not appear that they have the ability to make a raster PDF just a Vector PDF? Not sure if that has something to do with the print driver they are using?
  3. We are working with an engineer who is running Auto CAD 2010. We typically export a DWG or DXF file to send to them for their plan backgrounds. Whenever they try to make a PDF plot or PDF Export of the AutoCAD file with out plan referenced, the resultant PDF file is massive (2MB) and takes 5 minutes+ to regenerate. When we create a PDF file from VW of the same floor plan, the PDF file is only 200K. Just wanted to see if anyone else was dealing with this issue. The engineer said that he has had a similar issue with another firm who uses VW. We have tried to create different versions of the DWG file (ranging from AutoCAD v12 up through 2010) but it has not made a difference.
  4. Wes, Figured it out. For some reason the line style of the partitions was Dash #3. When I deleted the Dash #3 line style and said replace with solid, it went back to a solid line style. Not sure why this happened? I would post the file but it is 12MB. I am guessing something happened when I imported a DWG file. That always seems to replace the default line styles.
  5. I am drawing two toilet rooms with multiple fixtures. When i originally placed the toilet stalls using the "Toilet Stall" tool, they came in fine and looked correct. After doing other work in the file, i came back to the floor plan where the stalls are located and had to change some of their dimensions and positions. When i modified or changed anything with the stalls, the partitions turned to a dashed line style. The doors remained as solid lines. There is no way to edit the stall components that i know of and it does not appear to be based on the Object Attributes??? I know in the past we have had trouble with some door plug-ins where all of a sudden all the lines have arrowhead terminators. But am usually able to correct that. Not sure if it has something to do with Line Styles? If i imported a DWG file into this file, the line styles usually get modified??? Any help would be appreciated!!
  6. Was trying to setup sheets for a project using the "Create Standard Viewports" under Document Settings. I initially made one Floor Plan Sheet, but due to the building(s) configuration needed to make another Floor Plan. But when you go into the Create Standard Viewports dialog box, you can only create one sheet of each type. Did a work-around by just duplicating the original plan sheet. But was wondering why it would not allow me to make multiples of the same sheet type? What happens when people need to make multiple plan sheets due to building size or configuration???
  7. We are trying to figure out the best way to create PDF files. It seems that the BATCH EXPORT PDF is the easiest to use and generally creates the best looking files without any major oddities in the print (like stretched text or things disappearing). The main issue is that generally, the PDF files it creates are abnormally large. Even if we downsample everything. Conversely, the BATCH PRINT is a little more cumbersome. It makes single files that you have to manually combine in Acrobat. It also seems to have more odd things that happen to the output. There are two very good things about using the print setup 1. You can print true Grey scale 2. The file sizes are significantly smaller. But the Batch Print is very frustrating since it has those glitches of disappearing objects and other items appearing out of nowhere??? Does anyone know of a better solution? Also, is there a way to setup the batch print to make one fiels as opposed to separate sheet files? Thanks!
  8. We just purged a file and it went from 46MB to 80MB. Have not done any checks on the resources yet.....
  9. Thanks, unfortunately I do not have a copy of Microstation. These are Microstation V8 files. Just wondering if anyone knows of a converter program that is available. I search for some, but the only ones i found cost $400+++. Which is not really worth it for just one file conversion.
  10. I search the forums but couldn't find anything about this. Is there a way to import a Microstation file into Vectorworks? Or does anyone know of a converter to convert a Microstation file into DWG so that it can be imported?
  11. Thanks all! Felt the most prudent was to make a copy on the server and delete out from my Programs file what I didn't need. Everything seems to be ok!
  12. After tooling around the forums, couldn't find anything about deleting content from the Default libraries? Is there any reason that we should not delete content from the default libraries? For instance, we never use the Metric objects or wall types, can we just delete the Metric VWX file? And we never use some of the default drawing board/title blocks. Can we go into the title block file and delete out the ones we don't need? Or will this cause some sort of issue? I figured we could just get it back using the installation CD?
  13. Just an FYI - I changed the main folder name to "VW 2009 L8" and it seems to recognize the workgroup now. It must have had a problem with the long folder name??? Also, fixed the spelling of the folders, oops.
  14. Thanks! I think we figured it out. We changed the name of the folder on the server to "VW 2009 L8" and it seemed to recognize it. I guess it was not recognizing the longer folder names????
  15. We have been trying to set up Workgroup folders to be used as office standards for title blocks, wall types, etc. We tried to set them up through the VW Preferences under the User Folders Tab. But for some reason VW is not recognizing the folders we have set up. We tried to follow the folder structure that VW has (ie; default/Libraries/Walls, etc)? Our folders are set up on a shared network drive, it is not a true server setup. We have tried various manipulations of the names and how it was linked, but nothing seems to work?? Any ideas???? I started another post under Mulit-user, but thought i may get some help through this one??
  16. So we figured out that if you use the SUM command on the Door Width column it will give us the correct results. So it must have been taking the first instance it found and dividing that number only. So for instance if we had 7 doors that were 5'-0" wide, it was dividing 5'-0" by 7 giving us 8 5/8". Unfortunately, it only allows us to use the SUM in 3 columns, so if we want more than 3 columns with dimensional door information, we can get it to work.
  17. Tried that and ended up with nonsensical number results for the width. See attached PDF files. We cant figure out what it is dividing by???
  18. We are trying to figure out a way to show only 1 instance of multiple doors on a schedule. We have a floor plan that has 6 different door types, but each type may have 2 or 3 instances or locations. We want to have a door schedule that only shows each door type once. Tried the SUM option in the worksheet, which works for the door ID, but it causes the Width and Height to be added. So, lets say for door type 1, if it is 3'-0" wide and we have 3 instances of it, the width show 9'-0" wide? Is there any work around to say only show once?
  19. When using the 3D stair tool, we noticed that the handrails or guardrails only are showing up on the lower section of stairs. For example if we have a stair that runs from a first floor to a second with stair breaks shown, the handrails will show up on the first floor (when in TOP/Plan View), but the handrails will not show up on the second floor? When you select the stair when on the second floor layer, it says it has handrails, but they are not showing up. We checked classes and other settings??? Could not find anything about this in other posts, but know that the stair tool is a tricky one...so we may just have to live with it???/
  20. Thanks for the effort, i will try posting to the other topic i found to see if anyone has a resolution for the issue.
  21. this is the only topic i could find that somehow relates http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=119233&Searchpage=3&Main=24147&Words=network+workgroup+folder&Search=true#Post119233 it basically states what we did to set up the workgroup folders. Not sure what we are missing?
  22. Christiaan, Thanks for the input. I am not sure if we would like to work that way. Currently, we have two workstations and one "Pseudo" Server. We are both running VW 2009 on our machines and would like the ability to access and modify the Office Standard files. Since our "Server" is the machine that is on most of the time and we are using it as the repository for other office standards, we would like to continue a similar setup for VW. If VW cannot work that way, i am not sure why they have the work group files???
  23. We are trying to setup some office standards in workgroup folders on a shared drive. We have tried several different various of folder structure and file locations, but VW doesn't seem to recognize all the files? Specifically, files like Title Blocks or Repetitive units don't show up in the pull down options when you want to place them. It seems to recognize wall types. I have attached a PDF of the folder structure we are using. It is based on the VW folder structure.
  24. Thanks for taking a shot. I have just sent them a new copy of the DWG file. This one was made with VW 2009 (we are just in the process of shifting from '08 to '09), so the conversion seems a little different. Hopefully, this may solve the problem....if I discover anything, i will post it. Thanks.
  25. I have attached a copy of the V12 and V2000 versions of the DWG Files. Thanks for looking into it!!
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