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  1. Hi, cool thanks for that, but, if i use the straight truss or insert truss tool, it places a truss object that i can connect the motors to and it becomes a system. in the object properties there is button for select system and change system trim. the system behaves as i would expect, however i cannot attach a light. if i convert the truss to a hanging position, i can attach a light, however the motors no longer track the truss and the buttons for the select system are gone.
  2. Hello, I just sat down to check out braceworks, and i really didn't get that far. it seems like if i convert a truss to a hanging position it is no longer a system. braceworks_test.vwx
  3. I am having problems getting drawings to print to designjet 500 from VW2012. One particular drawing refused to print at all and would eventually crash VW. I removed some of the geometry and it is printing now however it took about 20 minutes. I have not had these issues in the past. Windows 7 pro 64
  4. In my situation the rendering engine renders like a champ. It uses all of the power of my processor. I7-950 4 core with 4 hyper thread. All 8 cores ramp up and it turns out Final quality in a fraction of the time. However it is like a one shot deal. Going back to wire frame takes an eternity. To get through my project last night I had to make adjustments in wireframe, Save, Render, Force Close, reopen the file, and repeat the process until I got what I needed.
  5. this Is happening on all of my larger files and it is totally screwing me at the moment.
  6. Well it worked. I selected all of my table symbols and Convert to instrument. I was then able to layout with LLM and use the number instruments function to number each table in the order determined by the catering department.
  7. Should I just make the tables lighting instruments? Is there another way to use the numbering function and label legend manager?
  8. I would like to be able to number tables like I number instruments. Is it possible to add a piece of data as part of an existing table symbol, Like a channel?
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to view vectorworks with a 3d display
  10. I would like to have a video screen apear to be self lit in open gl render or renderworks, is this possible? Raidiosity takes too long to render and I am frusturated trying to get the right settings to make the image look correct. Anyone have any tricks?
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