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  1. Other programs running: Illustrator CS2 Excel Outlook Windows Media Player VectorWorks There is a SQL service running on this machine for Autodesk Inventor 2008 as well. This might have started happening once he got his upgrade as well. The program hangs. It can be hard shut with Task Manager and restarted fine.
  2. User just had the 1st crash again. Here are some vital stats from Windows Task Manager Precrash: 52 Processes 685M/4394 MB Memory Used 2301K Memory Available 701K Commit Charge 63K Kernel Memory Crashed: 46 Processes 740M/4394 MB Memory Used 2425K Availabe 758K Commit Charge 88K Kernal Memory Vector Works using 100MB Memory and 50% of the Processor I was able to end the task in Task Man. and restart it fine. Any ideas?
  3. I won't settle for it just happens. Thats BS for software we've payed good money for 5 seats of. Katie-He doesn't not receive a specific error message. The App just crashes in XP and he has to reboot the machine. No BSOD or anything. He says its not while he is doing anything in particular, just if he has a file open for an extended period of time. It almost seems there is a memory leak in the application. I want to check what he has memory wise on initial start up of VW and his other apps then check the next time it crashes. I'll post that up here as well when I have more info.
  4. Hey folks. I'm having a problem with one of my users here. Vectorworks Version 12.5.2(71041) HP dc7700 Tower Computer, C2D Processor, 3GB RAM Windows XP Pro SP2 Basically is he is using a file (almost all files here are DWGs) for an extended period of time (an hour or more) VW will crash on him. If he saves constantly while working, the problem doesn't seem to happen. I've reinstalled and was hoping you'd have some other suggestions for me. Thanks much.


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