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  1. I _almost_ never want the perspective view to model in. I do want the ability to tell VW what view I want to work in and to have that stick until I tell it otherwise.
  2. Holy helpfulness Batman!! Loving that reply Jim W. I feel with your presence, Nemetschek VW is taking users issues far more seriously than in the past. Glad you're here. >Originally Posted By: JimW >Hopefully getting these issues submitted and logged more thoroughly will get us >away from the historical "Vectorworkaround" mentality, which -while very useful in >the short term for getting projects finished quickly- isn't good for long-term >development.
  3. Kevin, thanks again for the clear information. If it happens again or if I can force it to happen I'll file a bug.
  4. Hello Kevin - super thanks for the quick reply. Yes, they returned to view. But - why does this happen? And you of course understand how confusing it becomes to look up and see placed fixtures disappearing. Michael
  5. I quickly tested a guess: the Spotlight Preferences|Modify lighting device color toggle seems to possibly be the cause of the issue. Fixtures all showed back up when that field was toggled OFF. Poop.
  6. So today out of the blue, with apparent randomness VW 2013 his disappearing various drawing symbols/plugin objects. This is easier to show than to describe -screenshot attached - as I work along, various plugins or symbols begin to disappear, while still remaining in the drawing in place -as you can see from the selection handles showing in the scrn cap. I have tried the incredibly unproductive close-everything-and-restart, to no avail. Thoughts? Advice? Prayers?
  7. I have to say that I disagree on the point about photorealism, in that my objective with the Renderworks and Spotlight packages is to create client-facing images which detail photo-realistically what I expect to create artistically onstage. So in that regard, being able to manipulate the lighting tools and texture tools with a reasonable sense of veracity is of the highest order for me (how clunky the Spotlight interface is for manipulating fixture intensities and focii is for another discussion).
  8. This entire discussion has brightened my day. Thanks to all who contributed.
  9. Yes, I do exactly the same, but use a spotlight fixture and deploy the shutters as needed... Attached you'll find the previz (done back in 2008), the image pro gobo template derived from the previz process and a snap from the show
  10. What a great thread! Fantastic opinion and data - thank you all for our contributions!
  11. Fantastic thread, thanks!!
  12. Thrilled to see all my spotlight channel containers orienting themselves properly -whoo-hoo! No crashes since successful install (fingers x'ed)
  13. Sure looks like a new physics to me
  14. Similarly, I create and apply a "focus point" class to the Focus Points and turn them on/off at will. Generally once I focussed, they stay turned off unless a correction is needed.
  15. But back in biz now. It seems faster/more responsive, is that possible?
  16. Only that a file was corrupt or missing in the install (perhaps because the jobsite I downloaded the installer from had an extremely poor connection which failed repeatedly?). And as a consequence I had to uninstall the entire app and reinstall it and all the little personalizations we all love about the app.
  17. Update: In a blank document, I recreated the layer stack, and copied/pasted into each layer the various drawing items. I left out of the new dwg the five symbols made from one instance of the human figure tool. Voila! No more crashes and a diminution in file size of some 8MB.
  18. So, VW 2013 is having trouble and crashing with such alarming regularity it's taking my breath away at least) (ten or so in the last couple hours at least). I won't go into how untimely-in the middle of a crucial dwg I am-blah blah blah. We've all been there. I just want need it to work. Anyone with helpful thoughts welcome... Herewith the crash report: (whoops, apparently the crash report is too big although it previews fine). Never mind about the crash report then. Have I rebooted? yes. Did it help? no.
  19. mjm


    Kizza - how'd you get the vendor to change your Graphite font from OTF to TTF? I have the same problem and purchased Graphite specifically for Drafting. thanks, Michael
  20. The Label Legend Manager has developed an incredibly irritating flaw: The label legend containers no longer follow the right read logic reliably, while the 2012 version correctly implements the axis of the containers correctly, see attached for examples of both. Seeing as we're well into SP2 it seems un necessary that such a problem still exists.
  21. Benson & Joshua- thanks so much, such useful info.
  22. Nicholas: I have found the best approach is to blur the Gobo image itself in something like Photoshop or Graphic Converter. I then add them as gobos through the resource palette. It's all a little bit of a pain, but the end result quality is as fine-grained as I could hope for & once the gobo is blurred, I keep it in a folder for further use. I have added two files (same gobo, different level of blur) in case you're curious as to how they work... Happy holidays
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