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  1. KM: perhaps this is what you were asking about?
  2. That's an intriguing notion. Here's the side other... [img:right]https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=12049&filename=Screen%20Shot%202015-04-01%20at%207.42.59%20PM.png[/img] Looks like they'e both confused. Also, the shutters seem to react inconsistently in the sense that the "right" shutter moves the camera right shutter (inconsistent with real world), but the :"top" shutter moves the camera bottom shutter (consistent with real world).
  3. And the mysteries accumulate, see screen shot. [img:center]https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=12045&filename=Screen%20Shot%202015-04-01%20at%2011.11.21%20AM.png[/img] There are so many things wrong here with the shutter package
  4. Thank you very much for checking on this Jim. Sending you one now.
  5. Rant! I am actually too tired to go into detail now, but I have been struggling with the spotlight shutters for 4 hours in the hopes that they'd (as the SP5 package notes indicated) been fixed. NOT. So very delicate! They indeed do not crash the app anymore, but neither do they function in any meaningful way for rendering purposes. Upon deploying the shutters the first time, everything works as expected. Every time I changed a shutter, it lost functionality completely tho wireframe showed it as still in place. [font:System]How many renders could a render-man render if a render-man could render?[/font] Rant out. Couple more things: Base File was saved from a VW 2014 file. BUT all lighting fixtures came from VW 2015 libraries.
  6. mjm


    Installed, & so far so good.
  7. I'd have to agree with Benjamin here. Up till recently I organized scene shifts by layer but began to run into issues like scenery / masking utilized in multiple scenes, yet not in every scene. I ended up deploying classes which worked exceedingly well. Once classes are created, it becomes a simple matter to create saved views / viewports, which are easily updated if things are added/changed. In the initial planning of a recent show, every scenic aspect was in play, from the masking thru flown scenery to deck-based scenery. and so creating views to reflect the various scenarios was a piece of cake. For example: the giant US platform in the Palace scene used straight steps. The same platforms in a later scene used a section of curved steps and additional platforming / steps atop the base install. It seemed to me that creating the layers to satisfy these types of requirements would end up not as elegant a solution.
  8. Phil: light doesn't work that way. And the point light tool attempts to mimic what a true point source does.That said, choosing "smooth" or "realistic" from the Point Light Specs... sheet would get you closer to what you want. After that, try the Custom Light or Spotlight modes. I often use the "Spotlight" Fixtures, as I can shutter them off areas I do not wish to illuminate.
  9. man how'd you get that version of VW! I thought it still under wraps!
  10. Scott—I looked into this as soon as you posted it. I did the following: a] Web searched spotlit fog images. A wide set of characteristics were displayed across the images displayed. b] a ran some tests in VWx 2015 and validated all your findings. c] I happened to be on-set yesterday with a hazer running and made a couple of iPhone snaps and again the characteristics captured varied widely and not necessarily as one might predict. A couple images to display some of the complexity: A MAC Viper, looking up into the beam. A Sharpy, looking down, along the beam as it hits the floor. Two radically different interpretations of fog vs photon. All this leads me to imagine that Nemetschek has chosen to offer one simplistic version of spotlit fog, instead of trying to compete with the incredible complexities of Real Life Physics.
  11. Josh—I did not know that. Thanks and am eager to try it. Have to get through a show first... I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. it occurred to me that "extrude along path"is another viable and quick method, which also gets you history in case you need to edit any of the base geometry.
  13. Josh, yes it does and I am enjoying the use for planning purposes already. But for rendering, I am out in the cold (or do I mean dark or both), unless/until you provide configurable light emitting sources to go with your wonderful shuttering tools. Can't wait!
  14. Jim: that's actually one of the better holiday gifts I have received this year. Thank you and the engineers!
  15. Hmm. That's cool. But: Just for fun I just downloaded the file above and opened VW 2015 SP2 and moved the focus point and BAM! Crash-Ola. For those who are interested, I have attached the crash report (Foo3_crashreport.txt) Any thoughts? thx & happy holidays
  16. So, it appears that the virtual shutters in Spotlight 2015 are not ready for prime time. I find that when moving the focussed, shuttered fixture (sometimes) crashes VW 2015. Or when moving the Focus Point the same behavior occurs. I (want to) use the shutters for proof-of-concept renders, very useful tool when it works, but the downtime and frustration I have experienced with this feature has been heartbreaking. I have attached a file (foo3) containing a light, a focus point object and that's it. I have found that it crashes as reliably as the full blown stage sets and lighting I design. If I am doing something which promotes the bad behavior above, I'd love to know, because this feature is important to me.
  17. That's a wonderfully clean & concise visual description of how to accomplish a task in VW I have seen in some time Benson. Thanks!
  18. I just experienced this for the first time yesterday.
  19. I have come across something which seems like anomalous behavior regarding the Column objects. [img:left] [/img] The columns seem to handle lighting so radically differently depending on classing and/or fill color, not to mention the fact that complementary colors of light on a surface are as if the source was off, that I wonder if there is a problem with the Column object itself. If this is expected behavior of classing, fill color and lights, ok then. I have attached a demo file & I believe the problem exists across both 2014 & 2015.
  20. Thanks Jim. Same thing happened to me yesterday as well.
  21. ^+ This. when it works, it;s so very useful.
  22. ^^what Bruce says, though I have autosave set to every xx operations, create a copy. I then try to remember to clean out the VW Backup Folder for the job, as, after a day of pounding the keys on a 100MB file, the backup folder gets really really large, so I prune em back.
  23. ++this... The ganging tool has never been reliable IMHO. If I absolutely feel the need to show twoferring, I'll use AutoplotVW's tools for that. And, as suggested above, it's the last thing I do.
  24. I am currently running Yosemite GM with VW 2015 SP1, with no apparent ill effects which are any different than those on Mavericks
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