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  1. Josh—I did not know that. Thanks and am eager to try it. Have to get through a show first... I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. it occurred to me that "extrude along path"is another viable and quick method, which also gets you history in case you need to edit any of the base geometry.
  3. Josh, yes it does and I am enjoying the use for planning purposes already. But for rendering, I am out in the cold (or do I mean dark or both), unless/until you provide configurable light emitting sources to go with your wonderful shuttering tools. Can't wait!
  4. Jim: that's actually one of the better holiday gifts I have received this year. Thank you and the engineers!
  5. Hmm. That's cool. But: Just for fun I just downloaded the file above and opened VW 2015 SP2 and moved the focus point and BAM! Crash-Ola. For those who are interested, I have attached the crash report (Foo3_crashreport.txt) Any thoughts? thx & happy holidays
  6. So, it appears that the virtual shutters in Spotlight 2015 are not ready for prime time. I find that when moving the focussed, shuttered fixture (sometimes) crashes VW 2015. Or when moving the Focus Point the same behavior occurs. I (want to) use the shutters for proof-of-concept renders, very useful tool when it works, but the downtime and frustration I have experienced with this feature has been heartbreaking. I have attached a file (foo3) containing a light, a focus point object and that's it. I have found that it crashes as reliably as the full blown stage sets and lighting I design. If I am doing something which promotes the bad behavior above, I'd love to know, because this feature is important to me.
  7. That's a wonderfully clean & concise visual description of how to accomplish a task in VW I have seen in some time Benson. Thanks!
  8. I just experienced this for the first time yesterday.
  9. I have come across something which seems like anomalous behavior regarding the Column objects. [img:left] [/img] The columns seem to handle lighting so radically differently depending on classing and/or fill color, not to mention the fact that complementary colors of light on a surface are as if the source was off, that I wonder if there is a problem with the Column object itself. If this is expected behavior of classing, fill color and lights, ok then. I have attached a demo file & I believe the problem exists across both 2014 & 2015.
  10. Thanks Jim. Same thing happened to me yesterday as well.
  11. ^+ This. when it works, it;s so very useful.
  12. ^^what Bruce says, though I have autosave set to every xx operations, create a copy. I then try to remember to clean out the VW Backup Folder for the job, as, after a day of pounding the keys on a 100MB file, the backup folder gets really really large, so I prune em back.
  13. ++this... The ganging tool has never been reliable IMHO. If I absolutely feel the need to show twoferring, I'll use AutoplotVW's tools for that. And, as suggested above, it's the last thing I do.
  14. I am currently running Yosemite GM with VW 2015 SP1, with no apparent ill effects which are any different than those on Mavericks
  15. Sadly, I can confirm this as well.
  16. This on VW 2015 Trial. As the title says the Light Info Record and the Light Info Record M both are disconnected, and there is a new Record Format without a name but containing the same fields in the Resource folder. This not true of every symbol on the plot, just most Source Fours. I am confused and concerned. M
  17. Not to hijack this thread, but I don't understand why it's impossible to 'edit'(right-click spotlight fixture/s, choose "edit light..." more than one spotlight device at a time to change the intensity. One can turn on or off multiple fixtures from the same right-click menu and inside the OBJ Info palette which pops up when choosing "edit light...", but not effect an intensity change across multiple fixtures.
  18. Hi Jim; as usual, thanks for the quick response. I of course viewed, salivating, the video on the chrome browser. After reading your reply, I 'reset' Safari, to no avail. I'll look further into the issue later.
  19. Seriously? The video doesn't play back on Safari? Chrome, yes, Firefox 33, yes. On Safari 7.0.6 I get a blank white window, audio track playing in background. Anyone else seeing this? [/img]
  20. ++1 Thanks Jim, a great service you provide this community
  21. Benson, this just fills me with joy. Thanks.
  22. Thanks Kevin, very helpful information
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