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  1. @Markdd: a lovely render indeed. Break your fixture construction down for us, I for one am curious as heck to see how you created these.
  2. Sadly, I have exactly the same fear. The Vision tool is useful (when it works) as a way to focus, choose gobos and an overall look, but most of my clients are far to tactile for the crude visualization Vision can produce, and most of my renders are 1—5 minute renders, nothing all that special.
  3. Here's a sample of the wall wash unit. Don't remember if I used an IES file. Yup, I did. CF-72 Virtual.vwx
  4. This seems to be an issue across all multi-circuit spotlight fixtures. If I need truer output, I make the fixture myself, <hopefully> using the MFR supplied IES file. Pee in the A, but gets the job done and I don't need a million Focus Points to focus the thing:
  5. I had the same dissatisfaction with the same seminar. Thanks for speaking up @Andy Broomell
  6. Sam: may I say that your tools keep me from personal blood-letting over and over again. One of the great advantages of Sam's Channel range selector is it's useful ability to select discontigous ranges and speed of doing so.
  7. Pat: stellar reveal of existing solutions. Was needing this literally ten minutes ago, as well as yesterday several times.
  8. ^what he said. srsly. Having said that I think it might be fun to see how the various ways of creating the ball foot saves/balloons file size. Primitives anyone?
  9. When necessary, I keep a morgue file with originals as symbols, so I still have access to history, then it's a matter of editing symbol and then symbol replace or import, which offers to replace.
  10. There's a video file as part of the down load file list
  11. Reason I'm so happy to see this file is I have occasion to use scissor lifts as Followspot platforms for Events. Works a charm, but not fun to illustrate this elegantly. exactly right Kevin, and of course not just this item.
  12. did you try exporting any other format? Does that/those fail?
  13. I have the same questions. Most of my clients tend to try putting 10 lb of guest into a five lb seat and it can be hard to get them to understand the dangers implicit in this.
  14. One thing I have found is that in "Edit Light…" menu choice, I tend to set the fixture to "Realistic" dropoff or "Smooth" Dropoff, as opposed to the default "None"
  15. Great news. Too bad we're restricted to eight OGL fixtures for output
  16. Begs the question: does OGL show Color filter colors (I'd test, but in a gala mtg).
  17. Thrilled to see this. It means I'll get the the 'render' portion of my render sessions that much faster and my wrists will be so much happier. In other words, I'll be able to capture a whole system and put them all at 35% at once, instead of what is it in VW 2017 and earlier: one R-click for the "Edit Light…" menu choice, scroll to appropriate field, enter data, click ok.
  18. Ok, my example above created in VW 2017. I just now quickly tried this procedure out in VW 2018 SP2 on two s-4 14º fixtures and the "Edit Light…" and lo and behold, the "Edit Light…" menu option now seems to affect all selected fixtures. Will test more on this happy result.
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