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  1. A great informative thread, thanks all
  2. mjm

    Debug Menu

    Shows up on mine as well
  3. I have recently changed my render workflow to be almost entirely built around SLVP. I am sorry it took me so long to get to that solution, but it has improved my render life measurably. It is irritating to bump out to the SLVP for the render but the gains have been more than offset. renders are easily controlled, faster and client-ready due to the ease of template creation. Having said that, I continue to be irritated by the volumetric lighting flaws, but because my clients do not want haze or atmospheric effects all that often it is less of an issue for me.
  4. Well, clearly, architecture is clearly important to both 'B's. That said, unlikely the UK is on my calendar for October, but Kazakstan is looking promising for November.
  5. Personally, I'd be thrilled if Zoomer were referring to the B-Thing art event, instead of CAD in this instance.
  6. ^What Art said…
  7. As I tend never to use those little buttons at the top left of the VWX (or any app for that matter), I never looked, but HEY NOW! That UI choice seems…unusual. It is of no matter to me as I reflexively CMD+Q to exit all apps, and use Spotlight (CMD+SpaceBar) to open apps
  8. Super clean looking work.
  9. In MacOS-land couldn't this become an automator action?
  10. @JimW First, forgive my kneejerk reaction to the announcement of the forum upgrade, a great huzzah for that. You have once again made things better for the community and we are pleased and grateful. Having said that, the VWX UI is so much more important to me and my older eyes than the attractiveness/usability of the forum, I weep a little inside that all company efforts are not poured into making the actual product I spend so much time with better (please see various posts about fixing, not adding features). And your comment about the simpler web update vs the complexity of the VWX UI update somehow perversely corroborates my feeling.
  11. Slightly ironic that the Forum will get a Dark Theme well in advance of the actual software…
  12. I think what Kevin's asking is what if the IES file drove the beam shape and Lumens. If built-in as part of the spotlight fixture it 'should just work' is how I read this.
  13. ^^ +++ in the parlance of my fifteen-year-old: "OMG srsly!?!" This is killing me. I am thrilled to think it may be fixed at some point in the future.
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