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  1. It would be awesome to see a howto / workflow on this merging thing. I want to create an act i and an act ii set of files, using the same foci for the mover rig in each. thx//michaelM
  2. Great, concise, informative video, thank you Matt.
  3. Yes we have tabbed documents, YAY! But' to reiterate, we still have truncated file names in the tabs and, given this is the twenty-first century there doesn't appear to me to be any real reason for that, esp when I often find myself working with iterations of a file (this years rep plot, last years, rep plot, base file, etc), the names are indistinguishable from each other. The Mac OS finder does a much better job of this (at least it gets one thing right).
  4. Here's the Mac keyboard with the ALT key depressed. Other Modifier keys switch it up more, for ex; the Fn key changes the delete key to forward-delete.
  5. I do think Zoomer and others here are correct that asking VW to be backwards compatible for older versions of the OS would be economically onerous. That said, every version of VW should be able to import (at least) every previous version and Save As… as well.
  6. I know, right!?! amazing. Thanks for sharing your work Helen, it's quite inspiring.
  7. Very nicely done and just as concise as my favorite cooking recipes. Thanks also for the VW 2017 file to play with.
  8. Jim: can you clarify why 1:1 is easiest for 3D modelling?
  9. I'm guessing a class might be turned off.
  10. Really good clear visuals here Alan. Thanks for both the posted examples and the actual files.
  11. Z: thanks for the informative post. I guess a big question for me would be - how does the screen quatlity compare to my MPB retina screen?
  12. I tend to use classes for alternative design ideas.
  13. I have to say, having spent time on Naboo, Autocad's latest Beta program, their dark theme is fantastic to look at and work with. So quiet.
  14. Would it be possible to have the open files show the "Tabs" with filenames displayed at maximum possible length, with each additional open file shrinking the space accordingly, similar to the way the MacOS Finder windows populate with multiple folders open in one window? I, for one, would be grateful.
  15. Thank you very much Jim. This has been a question plaguing me for years. And now that I know the answer I have a clearer path to Gobo rendering success.
  16. So, is the important information here that Spotlight fixtures do not render Gobos when "Soft Shadows" is toggled ON? I (and others I'm sure) have been struggling for years with this issue and if it's that simple I'll be so very very sad it's taken this long to receive the info in this manner. A Knowledgebase item would have proved useful. K, just tested and apparently true. In this image, the two Gobos visible are fixtures with Soft Shadows toggled off, the two large pools are fixtures with same gobo with Soft Shadows toggled on.
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