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  1. But is it true that the right-click menu option "Move…" has been deprecated? If so, why? What's the upside? These older hands like mousing less and keyboarding more.
  2. I get the gobo from mfr catalog online, then directly into PS, blur and rename actual name + blur Works really well.
  3. So, what needs doing then, is to import the DWG/DXF, etc, into a blank file, do the usual (clean up the DWG, throw stuff out, redraw overly complex parts, etc) magic on it there, THEN bring it into my actual VW document?
  4. Zoomer: thanks, the refractive index link will be very useful.
  5. Zoomer; I enjoyed your thesis below on metals reflection and wonder if you could elaborate your points in a more visual way. I for one would be thrilled to 'see' what you're saying.
  6. Please see the screen shots attached, which illustrate this breathtakingly irritating problem. Between this issue and the Content Manager not working properly, I have given up on 2017 and, tail betrween my legs have retreated to 2016. These two issues alone have cost me hours of lost productivity this week.
  7. mjm

    OIP Issues - Tab Key

    @KM concur on getting kicked out to the data bar.
  8. The carpal tunnel is ka ka ka killing me here with So, every time I edit a field in the OIP and hit enter or tab, the cursor is kicked out of the OIP, so in order to go on to the next field I have to scroll to the correct position, click, enter data, hit enter or tab to accept data and then repeat the entire process all over again for the next field. In the Spotlight OIP, just for the Beam Angles, thats four fields. Or — I could use the mouse and click into every field to stop the madness. I gotta tell you, the mouse is nice and all, but just cannot compete with the keys for speed of execution. So, is this a wishlist item or bug, or BAD?
  9. This is a tool I use regularly and so am terrifically excited for it's improvement.
  10. So today in 2017 I have been rendering a gobo in a spotlight fixture. All good till I changed the color from White (empty field in the color field of the OIP) to red (R27 in same place, then I switched back to White by deleting the value in the OIP. The fixture acted as if I'd turned it off, tho showed on in the Vis Palette and right-click menu. Investigating by choosing "edit light" from right-click menu, showed the color as black. Bug? This is not how it's worked up till V2017. Fixed soon? Hoping so. Also, the Shutters still fail regularly and the crappy workaround is to block the beam with an extrusion. And Use Vertical Beam seems to flop shutters from right to left. I haven't experimented with Top or Bottom in that regard yet.
  11. So: no, not with confidence then? Is there an idea of when you could say that with confidence? (for the record, in this particular instance, smooth running VW is far more important than the OSX update to Sierra for me)
  12. Can anyone say with confidence that SP1 works with Sierra?
  13. Couple of things: I moved to a retina screen as soon as I could rationalize cost, and these older eyes have been happy ever since. The new RB UI does not look better on retina, in fact the flaws seem greater. I hope the future holds a quieter UI, with easier-to-read elements. I point you to this example. Please note I am not endorsing the product here, just the UI design.
  14. The human figure tool, as much of a disaster as it can be, has been of enormous use to me, in that I can create poses resembling that of the piece I am designing. This is very helpful to the artistic directors I work with. Anyone know of another tool, usable in VWX, which allows this kind of flexibility?
  15. I still can't get past the purple-to-lavender+mocha accents Resource Browser Folder colors. Painful. Also the sharp corners on the tabs.
  16. great Rob thanks. What is hilarious of course is my misspelling of "miss as", compressed to "missas". Guilty as self -charged!
  17. Not to throw stones or anything, as I missas many of these sorts of theings as the next, but…what in whatever your favorite exalted being's name is a 'bunper'? Too many awful things come to my mind.
  18. I had no problem loading / watching the video. Thanks for the link Bruce.
  19. Hi there, PM me when you have a moment to discuss... thanks
  20. Josh Benghiat's Savvy Sequencer or Sam Jones' Autoplot Tools for Spotlight handle this task & more, if I understand your request.
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