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  1. Uh, yes? Maybe? All other phases had completed and this was the longest, slowest portion; could it have been "interactive render"?
  2. Great solution. As I'm trackpad / keypad only, I'd have to make a keystroke or similar…
  3. Precisely what I did, as well as the CMD + Period. I actually had to leave the office for a brief period for sanity's sake
  4. Hello; excitedly installed VW 2019, opened a current model small model (4 trusses, twenty four spotlight fixtures turned on, sixteen with fog) and hit render. After an hour and change; I decided to stop the render process and the two choices I am aware of have failed to stop the render. Hitting escape = no joy Hitting Cmd + . (period) = no joy either. Also, VW 2019 shows "Stopping Render" in the message area, yet does not stop… Thoughts? TiA
  5. Now THERE's a hot key I think disposable.
  6. And so Sean, how did you end up deriving the answer to your question — did spend the 5k on a wing and a prayer?
  7. Drives me INSANE! Your pain = my pain. I'm super hoping a fix is in the works in 2019
  8. Well that explains a problem I'd been having, thanks.
  9. Hello @markdd; by "…I have often found…" do you mean replicably often? And what's the diff to a lighting instrument whether it's on or off in a DL or a VP?
  10. Same here. Intrigued by the possibilities, but crashing
  11. Thanks Kevin. The current approach to solving this issue is so fraught and takes so much time, yet, once everything is placed appropriately to the internal origin, life is so much sweeter and easier.
  12. It's surprisingly often that I receive drawings from collaborators where their drawing seems to have little or no relationship to the internal or vectorworks origin. When my work is for the stage, my preference is always that the plaster line, proscenium line, firecurtain line or similar be zero, zero. When the job is in a tent, a site location or hotel room, I will want to place everything in relation to a room element, landmark or site-specific item. I find it a trial to turn everything in the incoming drawing on, unlock the locked items and then move it all to where it belongs. It's possible that I can't see the forest for the trees here but… I wish I could tell VW to move the drawing from a click onscreen (or other specified point) to the Vectorworks Origin.
  13. Ditto. Although I am still heavily invested in the legacy figures.
  14. So many ways. First to my mind is to draw the section of the slope over the rectangle and then simply extrude the polyline to desired depth. See attached movie Slope a rectangle.mp4
  15. beautifully examined, thank you Benson.
  16. phewf, right in time, was about to pull the remaining hair out of my pate
  17. Looking good there Mark
  18. Lovely work! Have you used the ONE Patt yet? Am eager to hear about real-world experiences with those.
  19. Were the position Names the same as what the FP names you were attempting to create?
  20. Mark: Thanks for your input, appreciated. Hadn't considered the object name instancing as a possible problem, but (anecdotally, as I'm not near a VW file with that issue at the moment) I don't seem to think that'd be the issue, esp when I'm naming FPs something along the lines of DR, MR, UR, DR1, MR1, UR1, for ex. But that brings up a question: What's the easiest way to create a list of all objects, sorted by name?
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