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  1. See attached movie. Working along, all seemed well, then, BOOM: can't select anything and have it represented in the OIP! Other editing can take place: moving, deleting, etc. What_happened_to_the_OIP?.mov
  2. Curved_deck_from_nurbs_surface.mp4 took a minute thirty secs, soup to nuts.
  3. >> another fast-ish route turns out to be: • draw the poly shape • convert to nurbs surface, adding as much U / V / Weight as desired (3 is a good start) • if bend is specific height, add 3D locus over corner at desired height • move vertice to locus • shell result to desired thickness
  4. True, except the bend tool doesnt get you where you're going —yet.
  5. I guess I'd make a nurbs surface, bend it by tugging on the appropriate points, then maybe shell that?
  6. Lovely, thanks. I've D/Led them and looking forward tot heir use. Great to read your concise workflow.
  7. Gotta say, these are fab, esp the sense of the volume of light. Did you use a heliodion?
  8. I am following this thread with avidity, as it consolidates so many of the VWX issues in one place, primarily VW's focus on 'shiny new', rather than 'simply better'. Another software vendor recently: What’s more, Lightroom Classic is getting a major speed boost. Adobe admitted earlier this year that Lightroom has performance issues, and now it’s launching a major update to fix that. “While the palette of Lightroom features grew, our performance detracted from these gains,”Adobe says. “So we took stock of where you were feeling the most performance anxieties, and dedicated this launch primarily to addressing these issues.” Lightroom Classic is being updated with improved speed in major areas, including launch time, preview generation, import selection, switching between Library and Develop, navigating between photos in Develop, responsive brushing, and more. DO note this fresh focus has taken Adobe most of the past decade to get around to…
  9. Claes: Great forest / trees example, thanks.
  10. Looking good there @tringas1. How long did it take you to get to that bottom image?
  11. Great thread folks! Thanks for your insights.
  12. Any movement on a way to generate a catenary in VWX?
  13. Move by points is to me, a quick easy solution, I use it regularly for this exact situation.
  14. SAme. The auto-open/hide seemed useful till it obstructed my window every time I went near it. Simpler to Cmd+R currently
  15. Thanks for the clarity (bad pun maybe?) there JimW.
  16. great, so if the viewport resolution is sufficient, the facets will be resolved, true story?
  17. wouldnt you just model the barrel, shell it, then split it the number of times of staves? Ah whoops beaten by Pat
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