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  1. Also; having to spend billable time learning new stuff to do old things every year seems crazy to me, as well as imagining that in a 365 day cycle, the engineers will have ironed out all the bugs and then create a new better app which actually increases productivity. For ex: I stopped using 2019 almost immediately due to several reasons, not least of which was the black render viewport problem, which was apparently fixed in SP1.1. Not true, happened again to me yesterday and after five minutes of tinkering, exported the file back to 2018. Only fix I found was closing and re-opening the app. I don't have time for that. So, back in 2018 till next SP. Oh wait: Also, 2019 stopped highlighting or showing in any way that I'd selected an object. Surest way to see was to hit delete. If line disappeared, I'd managed to select it.
  2. Glad you're safe, sorry for those who are not so lucky.
  3. As my kids would say: Srsly? You get to have that candy and we don't? Hey there Nemetschek, what gives?? Also, very cool to see it in action. Thanks for the movie.
  4. Just tried to import, even tho @grant_PD correctly replied 'no option'. I also checked the workspace editor in case there was an SVG import option available to be installed SVG-no.mp4
  5. Not to derail the thread, but holy crap, California!!! With unbelievable timing, my sister moved from Ventura two weeks ago. I have family up north as well. Hoping things don't become as crazy in the greater Oakland area.
  6. So Mark: This notion has captured my interest. So how do you class the 3D portion of the fixtures? D'you create a separate library, with all your re-classed fixtures or other technique? -Thanks-
  7. I believe your floor does not show light. Here's a screenshot of the same file with the stage floor changed to 'bamboo'
  8. Great to see these numbers Jim. A Custom renderworks test would also be great, esp if baselined by say your MBP, which I think is similar to machines many in this community use.
  9. So lightweight, so fast. And sometimes I need both of those.
  10. I'm just gonna jump in here and say I extrude lines, not often but often enough that I think it serves a purpose on occasion (think quick borders/legs or another way to make cut drops for the stage). The extrude from a line appears to be a simple symmetrical loft, but someone correct me if I am wrong on that. Extruded line.mp4
  11. Lets hope there's a pantless day soon!
  12. ^^thrilled that this could be happening soon…
  13. Great info Luis. This coheres / clarifies Dave Donley’s remarks above. Thanks
  14. @zoomer - as usual, thanks for your detailed reply. Hmm, the Spotlight fixtures do act as though they have real shutters tho I haven't dived in forensically to determine how actually the shutter package works. If they are 3d, you'd think they'd show up in C4D, no? With reagrd to @EAlexander's issue, no idea how or if he solved it, but for me I simply choose the 'send to C4D…' menu choice with defaults and all my lights come in aimed properly. I don't yet have the time to or knowledge base to replace parent sources in C4D. I have seen C4D plugins which promise to replace VW Spotlight for a mere 999€, on top of the C4D price, possibly on top of VW price.
  15. Totally cool. WOnder what the render time on a stadium full of these might be…
  16. @jeff prince - one of the cool things about your project is your willingness to show us the development over time of the project. So very helpful.
  17. @zoomer; thanks for your insight, I always find your thoughts useful. For me, tho I do not need IFC yet, modelling incorrectly feels just wrong and goes against the core reasons I model in 3d to begin with: "I drew this, it is buildable as drawn." I am also the proud possessor of C4D R18, and - who has time? Just to learn proper import skills takes time, think EAlexendar and his thousands of lights which need to output as they were focussed in VW, and here's a daily problem in my world: VW Spotlight fixtures can deploy shutters or frames to block the light internally, so as to keep light on only the items one wants, but where is this essential-to-me-and-common-everyday-tool in VW in C4D?
  18. So, if I understand you correctly Zoomer, you suggest to model incorrectly for correct render results?
  19. Dang Jeff. That's outstanding.
  20. It does not help me @Aristobulous. When I nudge the black VP, it shows a couple lines on a big white field, nothing else. Yes, a reboot helps, briefly.
  21. @Dave Donley can you develop this notion further, so I may understand it more clearly? In my house and in my design practice, walls run up behind the trim. Thanks for your time
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