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  1. I have the same questions. Most of my clients tend to try putting 10 lb of guest into a five lb seat and it can be hard to get them to understand the dangers implicit in this.
  2. One thing I have found is that in "Edit Light…" menu choice, I tend to set the fixture to "Realistic" dropoff or "Smooth" Dropoff, as opposed to the default "None"
  3. Great news. Too bad we're restricted to eight OGL fixtures for output
  4. Begs the question: does OGL show Color filter colors (I'd test, but in a gala mtg).
  5. Thrilled to see this. It means I'll get the the 'render' portion of my render sessions that much faster and my wrists will be so much happier. In other words, I'll be able to capture a whole system and put them all at 35% at once, instead of what is it in VW 2017 and earlier: one R-click for the "Edit Light…" menu choice, scroll to appropriate field, enter data, click ok.
  6. Ok, my example above created in VW 2017. I just now quickly tried this procedure out in VW 2018 SP2 on two s-4 14º fixtures and the "Edit Light…" and lo and behold, the "Edit Light…" menu option now seems to affect all selected fixtures. Will test more on this happy result.
  7. Justin: everything you mention is correct of course. One thing to consider tho, is that when deploying color filters, one can change/update any number of fixtures globally, while the tediousness of the "Edit Light…" menu choice can become irritating. And, most Color Filter MFrs offer a complete selection of both CTC/CTO. Gets me where I'm goin' faster.
  8. I guess I'd just use color correction filters, see the two screen shots. One fixture has no color, the other Lee 206.
  9. Great thread everyone, thanks, learned alot listening in.
  10. Thanks Mark. And right back atcha. Sadly, (now, but certainly not then) I was using @Sam Jones Autoplot VW plugins, which I loved dearly. I need to see if there's a APVW to SL translation mechanism which would perhaps solve the problem in on swell foop, as it were…
  11. Thanks Mark; I see how I could have been clearer & so have edited the post to reflect the originating SW.
  12. As one can see, 2018's import function seems to corrupt the text layout. Far as I can make out, there's no fix in 2018 possible. Intriguingly, 2017 has no trouble. I am importing from a VW 2008 file. Thoughts? Fixes? Thanks PS; oh yes, the third screenshot? that's from the correct v2017, saved, then opened in v2018. Why does it fail? So, when I break a fixture symbol down to a group, ungroup, then select text objects, they're all wrapped. There any way this can be globally adjusted within the symbol? All PIO fields are greyed-out
  13. When I have these concerns it's generally to protect my assets generated around the lighting, such as scenery, props, architecture. In such cases, I usually provide that info as a layer in PDF form or otherwise flatten the content.
  14. Mark: Super helpful on the working planes pro tip. Thank you
  15. Yes, thanks. But how irritating to have to fiddle around instead of making progress and getting the job done.
  16. I am actually experiencing this problem with sheet layer viewports right now. Even for light renders 2018 is failing with some regularity in Viewport renders. not very complex scenes, with relatively few light sources.
  17. with Photoshop—Select: Color Range… should get you very close very quickly. In VWX—I wouldn't bother trying. Attached is a two minute exercise in PS color selection and cropping. The selection by Color Range took a minute or so, as did the crop to get rid of orange square/blue selection handles captured in screenshot. Trees crpped.psd
  18. I continue having this issue sporadically. Sometimes opening a different file seems to reset something, so when I return to the file in questions, the OIP is restored to normal.
  19. This is terrifically exciting to me. @JimW: Any idea when this will be delivered?
  20. Funny the workflows we internalize… I am occasionally fooling around wih the latest A/C for Mac. I am so very very lost in that world.
  21. ^ What Andy says. Easy, scalable (yay!!!) Self-illuminating if you desire (or not). If you've never made one before, after creation VW will by default deposit the Image Prop at the drawing's 0,0 position (first few times this made me just a tiny bit crazy. No idea why I am not prompted, after generation, to place it where desired, or why no pref for that).
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