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  1. If I understand, these may be objects made of other objects, some, at least one of which, should be screen plane. I've had to go into edit mode on those items and then use the magic wand set for only "plane" in the 'other attributes' section. tedious but gets it done eventually
  2. Great info @klinzey. Any idea when VWX will update their GDTF importer to include the newer glb/gltf types?
  3. I cannot believe how often it gets in the way!
  4. Ouch. That also got me a few versions back & I have been much better about remembering @ install to immediately go to VW prefs & set my autosave prefs.
  5. Not being able to justify the tools L / C / R makes the horizontal tool bar so much less effective - my goal is to keep as much action screen right as possible, while gaining the most work area (MBP, rarely two screens). For now I'm demoing the tools in 2023 vertically and trying horizontal in 2024. Another issue is that on toolbars which hold more than can be displayed at one time, a scroll bar displays when I scroll the tools forward or back & the scrollbar obscures the tools. I don't mind the scrolling, but can we have the scrolling like the MacOS two finger pan/scroll tool - nothing displayed, it just works.
  6. mjm

    New VWs 2024

    @Ramon PG— o yeah I have a very similar machine tho it's a Max, not Pro. I sorely regret not getting a 64GB Pro instead, since it's clear on a daily basis how much memory VWX chews up (& often does not spit out). Having said that, I did install 24 and, without using it in for actual production, it seems so far to be a snappier performer in app opening, file opening, plugin initiation, etc. Relatively simple Redshift renders on imported 2023 files seems perhaps faster, haven't timed em yet. Has it crashed? yes. No moreso than 2023 so far… I do want to say that it appears VWX 24 releases memory far better than previous years.
  7. I have never gotten comfortable with the snaps all the way bottom right, and after a minute the new position makes so much sense to me.
  8. So far, in my limited usage I am happy to report that anecdotally it appears VWX 24 is much better at releasing memory after completing a render. If accurate, that's a refreshing change, yay! Additionally, VWX 2023 documents, once imported, open quite snappily. On my M1 Max MBP 32GB with its 16" screen, the refreshed UI at the small resolution appears basically fine for my old eyes. The refreshed icons themselves are generally an improvement over past years, tho some of them seem a conceptual reach - the new "3D" icon for ex. Gonna sit with the defaults for a bit but I am hoping I can rebuild the top bar, mostly to push things themgs around to where my eye expects them.
  9. @JustinVH—always good to gain some clarity from VWX in these situations
  10. Wooo, in either case the solution seems non-optimal. Seems to me snaps should be generated on any extrude VWX produces.
  11. @Jesse Cogswell—super cool, ran into this issue just a couple weeks ago, thanks!
  12. @Tom W.—and that depends on the day, hour or minute of one's VWX life, eh?
  13. @Archistyles—I too am on Mac OS 13.5.1, but (fingers x'ed) all good here so far.
  14. @Mark Aceto Gonna just jump in here and say not only OK, but necessary these days.
  15. @Nehuy—here's the message which pops up in one's default web browser upon trying to open this document: Illegal File Page.pdf
  16. @Donald Wardlaw—it may be you clicked off a snap setting. I've done this several times in myself. Check your snap settings in the lower right corner of your VWX screen. It may take a bit of experimentation to get to what you want, or not!
  17. O, I think you could hardly have picked a better word for the context…
  18. @Kevin McAllister—I see this all the time.
  19. Laughing not at, but with. You have encapsulated all my feels about SubD.
  20. o — yes please, this is a game everyone should participate in
  21. As regards usage: "And you may ask yourself, “How do I work this?”" "And you may ask yourself, “Am I right? Am I wrong?” And you may say to yourself, “My God! What have I done?”" As regards the pain of it all: "People on their way to work say, “Baby, what did you expect?” Gonna burst into flame, ah" I could go on…
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