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  1. @Benson Shaw—Oy to say the very least. Thought I was going bonkers more than once. Working w/ the path animation tool is incredibly frustrating precisely because of that random z-shift. Your workaround is the only way I know to keep a path I like once it's all gone to heck.
  2. I hear you there @Jeff Prince - however recently in a zoom mtg client asked for a major scenic addition and after the smoke cleared from the ask, the scenic designer built the piece in 3D in moments in the zoom. That was pretty cool. Definitely still not as fast nor as attractive as a good hand sketch.
  3. mjm

    iMac M1 8Gb

    Just gonna add I have a an M1 32gB MBP and I'd recommend 64 gB minimum.
  4. woops. Thanks @bcd. Can't believe I missed that all this time.
  5. If I may @Miss, try doing exactly as @Tom W. suggests as in below. Once you've located the PDF in LH corner by running "select all" then choosing "Fit to Objects", as suggested. Then deselect all, click on the PDF, zooming in as necessary and then hit delete.
  6. Sounds about right from my experience. d=De-selecting Snap to Geometry always make the vwx perform markedly better
  7. @jason schneider—o yah hear you. VWX 2024 sp 5 earlier this afternoon crashed so hard it restarted the M1 MBP
  8. Woo—things are not improving with this file. It jumped in one File…Save operation to double it's size from 624 MB to 1.35 GB. Ok, so, at least I can rescue the thing by File…New, then Layer import, don't forget to check Import Layer Objects, right> Did that, to find not all the layer objects came over, missing things from many layers. Huge bummer. I'm thinking to go back several backups and re-build from there.
  9. Hey @JuanP—thank you for the request…how do I access the complete crash log at this time?
  10. Wow VWX crash upon opening a document. Note I had just saved that file and quit the app. Double-clicked the file, app went through the usual loading contortions, opened the file and then instantly vanished. Sonoma 12.4.5. MBP M1 32GB
  11. Intermittently to me as well. Hasn't happened since I updated to SP 5 (so far…)
  12. OMG. "…All of the crap that we spend hours needing to do by hand instead of getting to actually design things.…"
  13. @Jesse Cogswell—"…the day that a scenic designer presents a rendering of their set made with this tool with all kinds of crazy lighting, and the director turning to me and saying, "I want that. Make it look like that." And I know that day is coming.…" It has already come for me. And it was as unpleasant as I expected.
  14. if you're in 2023 or 2024, Shaded allows more than eight lights and shadows. check your document settings - this'll allow any number of options
  15. @BartHays—precisely why I shared the image with prompts because nothing in that prompt to me called out a specific artist / creator.
  16. @Jeff Prince—ya, that's in part why I included the prompts, none of which indicate a specific artist. And wowzer, lawyers guns n money.
  17. In the bottom right corner there is some chicken scratch which looks quite a bit like a signature—not mine. Thanks for the pro tip on duking it out with the magenta cast @Jeff Prince
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