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  1. Yes...the actual exe fails to launch. In fact, I noticed a missing entry in the registry. I had not installed a yousendit application when I noticed this behavior. Removing the office 2013 preview results in a return to normal functionality. By the way, Grant, I hear congrats are in order... Jason
  2. I have been tinkering with the new Microsoft Office 2013 preview for the last week or so. I realized yesterday it was preventing Vectorworks 2010 from starting. I usually leave VW running all the time, so it took a week before I actually tried to close and re-open VW before I realized this. I tried this on two different machines, both running Windows 7 x64. Same result on both machines. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone tried it with a newer version of VW? I'm due to upgrade the end of this year, so maybe the problem will be solved with a new version. Jason Teague
  3. Ray, Thanks for the prompt response. I did check the error code list, but it's not clear to me how go about resolving the issue. /* 83 */ AD_DID_NOT_FIND_DIMSTYLE_TO_DELETE, I know what a dimstyle is in AC, but why is the importer trying to delete a dimstyle? Should I ask the original user to add a dimstyle? Any other thoughts? Jason Teague
  4. I'm using VW 2010 Spotlight (SP2), and I am having trouble with a dwg sent to me by a colleague. They are using AC 2007. I've tried converting to 2004 and 2000 via trueview. Nothing seems to work. I always get error 83 from VW. I can import the title block file without a problem. There must be something corrupt in their working file. Any suggestions how to resolve? I've attached their working file. Jason Teague
  5. Thanks to all who responded to this post. Thanks especially to Darrell, aka Ozzie, who was able to open the files in Autocad 2006 and convert them to dxf files. Does anyone have an idea why this might have happenned? Is Autodesk intentionally making things difficult for users of other CAD systems? Does this problem indicate that there is something wrong with the way OpenDWG works? Is this just something VW users are going to have to live with? I figured this would be a good time to open this can of worms. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts about this.
  6. I am working on a project with a design company that just upgraded to Autocad 2010. Naturally, I wouldn't be able import a dwg saved in AC2010 format. However, when the company sends me older formats (2000, 2004, 2009) saved from Autocad 2010, VW2009 will not recognize the file. When I try to import one of these, I either get the OpenDWG Error 8, or VW just crashes during 'preprocessing.' I even tried converting the files myself using Autodesk's free TrueView utility. Same problem. I've tried restarting windows (...if in doubt...). The really puzzling thing is that I've received files from this company before and never had problems. According to them, every file they have ever sent to me was created with Autocad 2010. What's going on here? I'm going to post the files I was sent. Maybe someone can have a look at these. Jason Teague P.S. using Vectorworks 2009 SP4
  7. First of all...let me say how great it is that VW has this community board as a resource. In all my years of using VW, this is only the second or third time I've had to use this board. This is a new issue I've never seen before. I'm using VW 2009 SP4. Created a new file today using a template. The template contains a bunch of stock symbols and other resources I use. The new file references another VW file that is nothing more than an imported dwg file. After creating the new file and bringing in the reference, I inserted about ten instances of a symbol into the new file using the instrument insertion tool. I assigned a LL called 'Standard' to these instruments which only contains the 'Inst Type' label. I entered the appropriate data into the 'Inst Type' field in the object info palette, but I noticed the labels weren't showing up with the symbols. Checked label classes...they are on. Checked font size and tried bigger and smaller font sizes...no change. 'Standard' LL is active. Double-checked the 'Standard' LL to make sure it was set up properly...it is. I deleted all LL including their symbol folder and built all new LL from scratch...didn't help. I have tried building new LL from a blank file and importing them into the file I'm working with...no change. I have tried using these symbols and LL in an otherwise blank file...same problem. I've also tried starting over from a completely blank file...same problem. After checking all of this, a new problem started...whenever I try to insert a new symbol (with the spotlight instrument insertion tool, of course), the LL layout editing window appears on top of the symbol being inserted. Very weird. I'm using Windows 7 RC x86(Build 7100), which I'm sure is not officially supported, but this has been working fine until today. Not sure what else to check. Any thoughts? I would upload the file, but it's bigger than 5 MB.
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