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  1. Thanks Ray ? yes, that is what I meant.
  2. It seems like I've seen a few people having trouble selecting or moving objects that overlie one another, and I have this as well. Does it make sense to have a display option that would bring up a contextual dialog, if you try to select something very close to something else or overlying it? The pane could be like the vertex picker, allowing you to toggle through all the possibilities until you picked the one you were after.
  3. How about a 2D Selection Tool modifier key that would permit adding to the selection without deselecting items that have already been chosen? Similarly, it would be helpful to have a modifier that would allow de-selection without accidentally selecting other things. In other words, a way to keep the selection tool from toggling the selection state of everything it includes. These would be helpful in congested drawing spaces, so you didn't have to toggle classes on and off or move things around on layers to make selecting easier. thanks ?Michael Young
  4. One of the nurbs apps I use (Concepts Unlimited) has a selection tool I especially like: "Select connected." If I have one segment of a series of lines, arcs, and polylines selected, I can choose Select Connected, and everything that is connected end-to-end selects. I'm new to VectorWorks and don't know if I'm stuck in a workflow paradigm that is fighting with VW, but it would seem very useful to me at this point. thanks ?Michael
  5. How about a key-assignable zoom command for tablet users? We could hold down the key and zoom by moving the cursor, instead of keeping one hand on the mousie. thanks ?Michael Young


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