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  1. We need to be able to draw perp lines from a planar NURBS curve or Bezier. I'm positive that's already in the Parasolids engine somewhere, perhaps as a normal.
  2. Having the ability to select the point from which a profile is extruded (rather than always extruding from the center) would give us the opportunity to but a "bead" around solid objects by extruding along a contour, very very useful. This would add one step to the extrude procedure, so maybe it would be an option. You would select the profile(s) and the path, then choose the point from which the extrude would originate.
  3. Yeah, there's no history tree. They will expose that, I have no doubt. There's a robust history tree in Shark, which I use a lot, in which you can either remove or suppress features like fillets, holes, and bosses. And as you say, it's more than useful, it's necessary on the complex objects the Parasolids engine was designed for. But the filleting is much, much better now than with the ACIS kernel. If you have tricky fillets to make, the Parasolids version almost never misses. The ACIS version hardly ever hit one.
  4. Likewise I would like to know what the eyedropper with the yellow star is. It appears when option+cmd-clicking over a NURBS object on a Mac, and it makes the slurping noise when clicked. If you do much in 3D, the Parasolids kernel is worth every penny of the upgrade. The filleting is perfect so far, better than on any ACIS application I've used except maybe Shark. I'm getting more stability, too. 2008 was giving me lots of anxiety from data loss in 3D files. The new snapping, selection, and drafting updates are excellent, and I miss them a lot when I use 2008.
  5. I agree. One thing I really want is to have the history tree exposed. Another is good constraints ? that would make a strong move towards mechanical design. I'm also gratified that Biplab has chosen a parametric approach rather than the explicit/direct modeling that has become fashionable because the learning curve is quicker. In the long run, I bet we'll see "Convert to Generic Solids" give us access to direct modeling, as well. Very exciting. But the things parametrics give you are in my opinion irreplaceable. interesting article about parametrics vs explict modeling at http://www.evanyares.com/the-cad-industry/2008/9/26/parametric-technology-corp-on-the-advantages-of-non-parametr.html
  6. I don't see an image in your post ? but I also frequently have lines, especially vertical ones, in renderings of flat surfaces. I'm pretty sure these are artifacts from rendering polygons with very long aspect ratios (long, very narrow ones) which are necessary for a lot of things, especially shapes that are penetrated by holes.
  7. Interesting. After I made some VPs was when my troubles started as well, as I recall. Especially rendering in hidden line. Hope somebody catches this.
  8. I am guessing the surface color of the hole is not resultant from coincident surfaces or dodgy subtraction but might just be a reflection. So far I'm having better luck in 2009 than packages that use the top-end Spatial kernal. I'm really amazed by this thing. the coincident or near-coincident surfaces thing is a nasty problem in polygon modelers like SketchUp, because the surfaces on the model are really "limit surfaces" like you get in sub-d modeling. I hope this doesn't come up here.
  9. Did you have any luck copying things to clean file? I went through nightmares like this with a 3D file in 2008, almost buggered a deadline, and that was the way I solved it. The file I was having trouble with was all 3D. The new Parasolids thing seems much better.
  10. I saw in the .rtf in my workspaces directory, that we now have sheet metal screws. Hooray! Where the heck are they??
  11. If you are working in 3D in 2008, it can get a little unstable. So far better with the new Parasolids kernel. Try restarting the machine, opening a clean file, and copying some or all of your objects there. If the file is corrupt, sometimes that's the only way to fix it.
  12. Is it happening in only one file, or does it always happen in all your files? It might just be the file is around the bend for some reason. If this happens, you can open a new, clean file and probably copy/paste the objects from the old one into the new one, and it will go happily on.
  13. Well, wooohooo the Parasolids kernal seems to have put this aright.
  14. I'd go a little easy on 'em for a while. This Parasolids thing is huge, and it'll take a while to sort out. The glossy features thing they do is probably necessary; a good proportion of their revenue is conquest sales, folks migrating mostly from ACAD. And if you don't bring the features, everybody complains about *that*. I feel a huge relief now that basic solids operations like solid filleting and surface filleting work beautifully, and 3D in general seems more stable; we were losing data and getting pretty edgy, because of 2008's tendency to go off the rails. It seems better now, and it paves the way to much more extensive 3D development, which is indispensable for our practice. There's always more to do, but now they have the means, perhaps better than anyone in their part of the market. The new snapping/highlighting workflow stuff is just excellent, I think. I can't do without it, and I've only had it a couple days. There are bugs but I'm impressed. I really, really needed the solids improvements. Worth it.
  15. In 2009, when I'm in OpenGL, the Interactive mode Zoom tool causes the model to disappear until the zoom operation is over. Makes the interactive mode unusable.
  16. I haven't got a lot of experience in this, so I'm taking a flyer here... but would it make sense to set up large projects like this as a web of referenced files?
  17. Pie in face... Yep. Dang it. Thanks very much
  18. You used to be able to edit the radius and sweep of an arc after creation; the 2D Selection Tool used to do it. I can't figure out how to edit them at all in 2009.
  19. Nope. Thanks though... It just seems dead.
  20. A normal Mac protocol is to hit Cmd+` (tilde key) to toggle through all the open files in an application. 2009 seems somehow to have blocked that feature. It would be good to have that function back.
  21. The 3D Selection Tool in 2009 seems not to work properly if the Perpendicular constraint is on. It offsets the object quite a bit as it lifts it. Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks ?
  22. Thank you brudgers, yes, it's been so unstable since 2008 that large files (over 10 MB) ought to be archived at every major step (Save Copy As...). I like 2008, but it argues with itself very noticeably. This kind of instability is unacceptable in a tool where I make my living, to put it simply. The instability does not show up in drafting very often, but the modeling functions have often become outright dangerous to my work, which is mostly modeling.
  23. I'd like to have the Reference Markers (in Detail mode) consistent with the convention of Item number above Sheet number. In config. 1, the Item appears beneath the Sheet, which is the reverse of common practice. In config. 3, the item appears to the left of the slash (the same as "on top"); the sheet appears to the right. This is normal, so it seems to me. I think config. 1 needs to be changed.
  24. I'd like it if holding the Option/Alt key would Retain Original. Also, in the Data Bar for the tool, perhaps you could type in the number of duplicates, and you could choose, right there, between distributing and moving. ? At the very least, I think it would be good to display the state of the Tool, either on the Tool Bar or the Data bar ? particularly whether Retain Original was active and how many duplicates were being made.


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