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  1. Kurt, I had a similar experience. Try hooking up a Laserjet or inkjet to your Jet Direct and pressing the test button. It will print out a few letter size pages with ahlot of cryptic info. You most likely will have an address that looks like this: - where the # represents the location of the device on your network. In my case is was .100. After that it was easy to set up IP printing with the Gimp Print drivers

    Good luck. Andrew.


    Originally posted by Kurt Ofer:

    Mike. Pushing server test button makes it talk to plotter verifiable via flashing lights, but no output. Outputting plotter test plot also no help given that plotter is downstream from server. Thanks though. Kurt

  2. Yes, I just finished a quick sketch and printed it out on my (old) HP DeskJet 855C. Everything looks fine except vertical dimensions. Individual characters are rotated correctly except they stack horizontally away from the dimension line. Quite perplexing. I don't have any rotated text, but imagine simialr results.

    Mac G4/400/256 OS9.0 100MB to VW


  3. Mike,

    This may be a video problem. I've had panning and zooming crashes with my newer G4. Recent posts to this BB and VW list suggest turning off the ATI Rage extensions. This did not work for me, but may help you. I've also found this only happens with certain pre 8.5 files.

    I'm running a G4 400/256 w/ 100MB to VW - VW8.5.1 - OS9.



  4. quote:

    Originally posted by FRED JOHNSON:

    Does VWA automatically assign lineweights to

    objects, if so, can these be changed on the fly without screwing things up?

    If you use the VA Setup it will assign LW via the pre-set class structure. You can change the LW of any singular object (or selected objects) via the attribute pallette. Alternatively you can change the LW by changing the class attributes and every object with that class would change.

    I recommend the latter to avoid screwing things up (which I do often <grin> ).


  5. I have experienced the zooming and sometime panning problem that causes VW to freeze. I have to force quit VW. I recall a thread on the VW List that this was casued by the ATI 128 Rage card in my G4 (400/256/10GB OS9.0 VW8.5.1 (W/ ARHCITECT) 100MB Ram to VW. I've tried to track down the latest driver without much success. Another comment was to turn off the Rage extensions. How do I know which ones to turn off, there appear to be many, and what are the consequances?

    Any advice?

    (Same problem on my Powerbook G3 233/96/2GB OS8.5.1 VW8.5.1 w/ ACHITECT).

  6. I have just begun to use Architect's Notation features, and am very impressed with it. Naturally it will take some adjustemnt from my old ways, but ultimately will be a real timesaver. Consistency is also a nice byproduct of this system.

    I have one question regarding the general notes. The Architect manual states that any note can be only 255 characters. I have many existing notes which are longer than this, and I wouild still like to use them. I have broken some apart by sentence to meet the 255 limit, but am unhappy with the outome. Also, breaking apart many of my paragraphs will use up more real estate on my drawings which I am not ready to give up.

    Any thoughts, work-arounds, or solutions out there??


  7. I just purchased a Jet Direct external for my HP350C. I have the 500x - 3 port, so I can include my desktop printer and a future printer or all-in-one type faxc/copier. It was very easy to install and works like a charm. I also use powerplot, but it has been discontinued. Luckily they updated the driver for the HP350 about a year ago, so I am safe until a new plotter comes along =-). Microspot is the only other company I know of for Mac plotting. HTH.

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