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  1. Thanks Gents... Progress made -- but more questions: 1. Lets say I have a pad for a terrace...and on that pad I want a cutout (another pad?) for a swimming pool. How do I do that? Can I have a pad inside (but not overlapping) another pad? 2. How do I force two abutting pads to have a hard (near vertical) drop off (like a stair step)? 3. Is there an easy way to replace an object from an object stored in a file? Kind of like referencing -- but more like the sketchup reload function on a component...and if so - will it work with pads? 4. What's the difference (in English) between a pad and a pad with a retaining edge -- is it the answer to #2 above? THANKS! 5. I get a lot of "out of memory" errors - sometimes just by nudging an elevation by a smidge. I have LOTS of RAM (32GB), a high end quadro gfx card etc... so its not that!
  2. Running Win8 x64 with VW2014. 3DxWare 10.0.19 SpacePilot Left-Right work (although they are backwards). In Out and Zoom Work. All tilt and rotate functions just don;t work at all. s.
  3. Actually a few of them! Task 1: I have a site modifier - all one z level. I wish to split it into 2 site modifiers. Is there an easy way to do this split? without duplicating the thing and editing out the bits I don't want from each? Task 2: Can one create a multi-level (z axis) single site modifier from a corresponding polyline? Or do I need to split it into multiple pads? Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I am a bit stuck on #4 and #5. 1. Do I use multiple pads that abut each other but are at the different levels? and then... 2. How do I get the slope at the external rear wall - but not inside the building or at its front wall?
  5. crikey - thanks for the great insight. I think its a little beyond my VW skills right now - so I cheated and moved the dwg source file into sketchup. I used Sketchup's simplify contours routine to trim the data points on the 3D Polyline contours. I then locked the contours into a component and created a new polyline around the perimeter of the contours. Next step was to scale the 3D polyline in the X and Y directions by the required amount (30'). Finally I exported from sketchup in dwg format and loaded it into VW 2014 - and hey presto. Success (I think). I will try your suggested method when I get a bit more up to speed with VW. THANKS!!
  6. Hi experts, I'm quite new to Vectorworks Landmark (2014) and hoping to get some pointers to how to approach placing my house onto a terrain. Let's start with what I have accomplished: 1. I have a house in one file. It is slightly unusual as it is a one story building on the West side (2nd floor only), and a two story building on the East (1st and 2nd floors). The base of the 1st floor is set to a Z-level of 0'. 2. I have a terrain built from contours in a second file. Now the task at hand: 1. I need to get the house into the terrain model. 2. I need to rotate it to the right direction (-62 degrees). 3. I need to 'fit' the house to the terrain with a z level (for the 1st floor) of 404'. 4. I need to ensure the terrain is modified so that the West Wing sits on a pad (?) at 416' and the East Wing sits on a pad (?) at 404'. 5. I then need to adjust the "fill" so it grades the terrain on the South Eastern, outside face of the East Wing from the 416' level to the 404' level. 6. I'd love it if when I make changes to the house model file, it ripples through to the Terrain + House file. Could you experts suggest the best approach to doing this? Thanks so much. s.
  7. I've built a DTM and I can see the major and minor contours - but there are no visible layers -- and yes, "Show Labels" is checked - and text size is of a visible size! Any ideas?
  8. thx guys. one more question. once created, I'd love to be able to extend certain axes of the DTM (i.e. extend the model eastwards and westwards) at the same elevations as exist at the defined edge. Is this possible - and if so - how?
  9. Hi, I have a dwg file from a surveyor. It has a lot of layers, - but two of them are contours made from 3D POLYLINES. If I import the dwg, the polylines come in flat - unless I force import to >Convert Objects To "ALL 3D". That now brings in a set of polygons with thousands of vertices (100,000+). While I can create a terrain from this, it's dense and very slow to then manipulate. I was thinking, I should be converting the polygons to 3D Stakes or Loci (not sure which). But first, I'm guessing I should simplify down my vertices?? Anyway - I'm stuck on what the correct steps should be. In sketchup, I import the polylines. Simplify them (simplify contours) and then create a terrain. What's the VW way? Thanks in advance. s.


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