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  1. Thanks for replies everyone, but has anyone experienced the performance differences between (perferrably the latest) MacBook and MacBook Pro? And has anyone used an external monitor in any way, not just on Mac? My plan was pretty raw in this aspect and I've never used one myself. Any reasons why this would be a bad idea?
  2. But have you ever tried running it on MacBook Pro? Is the difference significant?
  3. Hi! I've been thinking of making "The Switch" and buy a MacBook. However, I'd like to have a small-sized laptop, so, it would be easy to transport, and I'd use external screen if I'd work with VW or anything else that is more comfortable to do with a larger screen. Here's my beef though: while MacBooks 13" screen would suit my needs with an external screen, I've got my doubts with the integrated graphics card. Will it suffice? So, I'm asking anyone who has had experience with using VW on the latest MacBook... Is the non-pro MacBook weak for VW? What about rendering? Is "pro" a must? What would you recommend? Thanks for reading.
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