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  1. I'm not quite proficient in English geodetic terminology, but are you basically asking if I really want to use a different coordinate system or just to re-define the point of origin? If I understood you correctly, yup, I really want to try another coordinate system (as I inserted some coordinates from an OLD archived paper-file and they didn't match up with what I have)... But knowledge how to re-define the point of origin would be useful to know as well.
  2. But is there a way to change the coordinate system in a file? And how can I make sure which one am I currently using? I'm trying to figure out if the data in two different documents is the same (but there's an offset, which certainly derives from different coordinate systems being used). Thanks!
  3. I found their link from Ultirendrers site, so, it must be so. Thanks Petri!
  4. The link also crashed my Safari 3. I also tried Firefox... and Internet Explorer told me I needed additional software. I sure hope not all of those (IE didn't specify what would I need). But that's all beside the point. The point is that I don't get what do these animations tell me if they all run smoothly on Macbook.
  5. Okay, I've been confirmed that all those three animations run smoothly on MacBook. These links have also be proven an extremely valid Opera crashers. What does it all tell me?
  6. After bugging both my local shop and Ultirender (they seem to be connected somehow) we have it on sale now! Thanks everyone!
  7. Because of the Core Foundation and Quartz which only use the Video Processor & VRAM . See this /--/ I don't curretnly own a mac nor have I one available for viewing these files. How can I view them under Windows XP?
  8. Ultirender has not responded anything. Any other good ideas how to get VW 2008?
  9. Okay. I've ditched the external screen idea meanwhile. I guess it would be too much of a hassle. But has any of you MackBook users tried that rendering out now? Also, I'm a bit vary on the Intel graphics card. I mean, if every render except OpenGL were processor based, why would graphics card development be so important? I'm no expert on that thought. That's why I'm asking.
  10. This is true. When I import them into separate files and mark a the corner with a locus, it pastes in a correct place in the second file when I copy it. Referencing works great, I wasn't aware of that option before. Thanks, Petri!
  11. I have VW11. The the only store that sells VW, has 12 and 12.5 separately. Of 12.5, they sell only fundamentals and renderworks (need landmark too, so, no good) and the 12.5 would be getting the upgrade, not 12.0 as I understood. I'll contact them for further information, thanks!
  12. Hi! I'm interested in purchasing the latest VectorWorks, yet my country doesn't have an official distributor. There is a store that sells VW12, but that's no good since I plan to make a switch at some point and VW12 has no hope of recieving Leopard fixes (as I've understood). So, can anyone recommend me what I should do? Any good webstores to recommend? Possibly the likes that will offer an upgrade? Thanks.
  13. Could you elaborate that? I don't follow you. I add an image file that illustrates my problem. This is how the imported shapes are positioned. The line I marked in blue, should be a common line of the objects and its ends have identical coordinates when I open the files separately in AutoCad. Edit: Using VW11. And oh golly, I thought the picture would be handled as a link.
  14. Hi! If I try to import two DWG files into one VW file, they completely overlap, while they should be adjacent. I cannot imagine what's wrong. Maybe the coordinate system. Where can I set the coordinate system I use for VW and where can I specify the originating coordinate system when importing? Edit: The files are geodetically measured pieces of land. I have no idea what to call them in English. Thanks.
  15. MapInfo costs about 1730 EUR in my country and VW fundamentals 12,5 costs 1150 EUR (advertised as hot price). Along with Landmark and Renderworks, VW 12 costs 2000 EUR. We don't have VW13 on sale so far. Are we being ripped off here?
  16. Figured it out! Duplicate along path with circles radius not diameter the needed buffer size. Use very high number of cirles and merge.
  17. Sadly, this is not an option anymore. I've only used MapInfo and don't own it currently. I tried to emulate the buffer by duplicating circles along the line and thought to merge them afterwards, but the circles are duplicated along their centers no matter how I try.
  18. Hi! Drawing buffer zone for a point is easy eanough (circle), but how can I draw buffers for odd-shaped objects? I tried the double line polygon tool, but the zone becomes way off in the corner parts if the object has sharp corners. MapInfo has just a command for it. I couldn't find an analogue in VW. Any help?
  19. I'm still checking out the new features of VW13 from the site, but I'm too anxious to know... Is this feature included now?
  20. After posting here, I discovered this was indeed the case. I'm sure saved views are hugely useful if you work with a single file. Many thanks for the tip!
  21. Hi! VW 11 on WinXP. I was wondering what the Save View command does and tried it. Now it displays a "Script Palettes" oprion under evey file in "Windows" menu. It adds quite a lot to mouse movement when woking with multiple files. How can I remove them and make like it was before?
  22. That's exactly what I meant. Thanks for adding it to the wishlist!
  23. Hi! My country's standard planning symbols/line types are all based on AutoCad and MapInfo. How can I add or design new line types, such as zig-zags, line-borders-only lines, letters/symbols on lines at regular intervals, etc. Thanks for reading.
  24. That's what I figured... The screen area matters the most. You can't really work through a keyhole. I'm in no hurry with my switch, and I'd appreciate if you'd inform me how did your huge files and renderings go, if you finally get to that. This definetly sounds like good news, only I've got no idea when this OpenGL is used in practice. :blush:
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