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  1. Hi all!

    Okay, I have a very small and simplistic site model and I need to model a pond there, so, I thought to try my hand on the pad and fence tools... I can get the contours to change pretty much as I like, but for cut & fill volumes I get a confusing message.

    Okay, my lowest pad is below the lowest contour line that I have, so the contours aren't perfect, but I get the same error when I simply build a small elevation on the model, so, this can't be the issue. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Hi!

    I've created a polyline road and sent it so surface, and then set it 20 cm higher so it wouldn't have "gaps" in it.

    The road is perfectly visible with OpenGL rendering, but if I render with Renderworks it disappears. If I pick Fast Renderworks, only parts of the road are visible. What's going on?

    I thought it might be something I've missed with textures as I'm new to Renderworks, but the issue still remains if the textures are taken off.

  3. Hi all!

    Why Roadways and Extrudes don't shape themselves to fit the Site Model the way 3d polygons do? I can emulate Roadways with 3d polys, but what with Extrudes? I try to emulate a stone fence with an extrude, but it just don't fit the site model as it hangs there in the mid-air and below the ground in some places.

  4. Straight roadway renders and so does curved, but not NURBS. It basically stays as wireframe, but some weird lines are added. What am I doing wrong?

    Straight and curved combined is no good, as sending them to surface creates "steps".

  5. Hi all!

    I think I must be missing something essential here. I cannot seem to change the side the road turns. It always turns to the right and I have to use mirror tool to reverse the turn. There's got to be an easier way...

    And when I put the curve on the end of a straight road, and then need to adjust the length of the curve (by adjusting the sweep) it always uses the other end as fixative point.

    What am I doing wrong?

    How can I determine the way curve is bent? And how can I determine the fixative end of a curve?

  6. Springing off from strategy change thread:

    Look at the space tool: if you use arcs or curves in the poly, the area is calculated wrong. Poeple that doesn't know this will calculate projects wrong and thereby the project will go wrong, ...

    Space tool and cut and fill calculations (which would appear to give the correct result but not display them in a way that some people expect them to so its arguably user error). I wonder if NNA has professional indemnity insurance to cover the situation where their software produces an incorrect result?

    Any more information on that?

    Where is the wrong displayed and where is the correct area shown?

    How can I make sure that the area is truly correct?

    Is the bug fixed in VW2009?

  7. Another dispute in my company... Upgrade VW or switch to MicroStation/AutoCAD.

    Do newer VW reference .dwg directly? The issue is that importing .dwg liberates lines from their standard form.. a lots of lines are marked like... ----E--------E---- for electricity for example and since VW doesn't support such, it creates problems.

    Has this issue been fixed in 2008/2009?

  8. If you go into a 3D view and Convert to Group the Quick Building object it will revert to a series of extrudes for the building exterior walls and a Roof Object. The required ends of the Roof Object can then be converted to gables.

    This is an awsome tip! But how do you connect the roof back to the building, so the object becomes a massing model again? Plain grouping is no good since you can't change attiributes afterwards, send them to surface etc.

  9. Hi!

    Surveyor provided me a dwg file where all surveyed points were circles. Heights are on the side as text. Can I replace all circles with 3d-locuses with some command? Using VW 11.

    And any convinient way to assing the height without having to select them by mouse, move the cursor to OIP and typing the relevant number there? Like... some keyboard shortcut for choosing next object/locus and jumping to OIP?

    Finally. How can I explain to an AutoCAD using surveyor in his terminology, what form of data I need for best results in VW site modeling? I'm relatively new to 3d site modeling, but a net of 3d loci seems the best so far (I've had no luck with modeling from horisontals).

  10. What is the imported scale of the DWG?


    What is the Page scale of the Layer ?


    Where is the DWG Page origin .. usually its at the lower left?

    World coordinates.

    Is there any 3d information in that DWG ?

    That's my main problem. There doesn't seem to be (at least when imported) any 3d objects when I import "all 3d".

    Okay, there is a single object off the others, at the height of 144,1 m, but I belive it's there by error.

    Try viewing the imported DWG Datum using 3d Views ... what happens ?

    Hmm... I'm not sure what you mean by that. Could you elaborate?

    Create a new blank drawing file, draw few simple polys, and create a DTM from them to see if the command works.


    A. Make a few test DTMs with small subsets of the polys - maybe one or more of them are corrupt.

    Was one of the first things that I tried... Separated 6 from 156 and it worked.

    B. Recreate the polys - trace them and delete the old ones. I have found corrupt polys from dwg imports (don't know if it is corrupt from orig or if import does something to them). You could do this in stages - two or three contours at a time. With a test DTM for each set.

    I think I resolved my issue. I imported the file as "all 3d" whili I should have done it 2d. I bet it was the "convert to polygons" command I applied to 3d ploys that messed the file up. I imported the file in "all 2d" separated the horisontals on a separate layer, composed them, converted into polygon from polylines and it seems to work now! I only have to make a pdf first to zoom in so I could see the actual heights in another window when applying them.

    But what's the difference in convering in wireframe or hidden line mode?

    The 2D polys to 3D contours does not let you adjust the viewing window in your version - it's going to fit the viewing window to all polygons on the layer.

    Can it be done in VW 13?

  11. Hi!

    I'm trying to create a site model with VW 11 using 2D Polys to 3D Contours command from dwg imported contour lines, but the instant I launch the command, VW zooms out to the print area so I cannot even see the lines, not to talk of the values written next to them.

    Then, as it wasn't bad enough, it places a single contour (chosen randomly?) and offers to delete the original polygons. Polygons get deleted no matter what I pick and only a single contour is made.

    Any help? :crazy:

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