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  1. It did still crash VW. Sent you VWX file through PM
  2. same problem. How do I search for the negatively scaled symbols?
  3. BUMP How are we doing on this? It's been over a year, and this is still a frustrating pain point for me. I (and my co workers) switch between working on mac laptop screen and external monitor many times a day. Every time I dock or undock, I have to take time to rearrange and resize EVERYTHING.
  4. Thank you guys for your responses. This gives me great direction!
  5. Trying to wrap my head around Vectorscripting. I'm not a coder from scratch but am decent at looking a preexisting code, figuring out sections, and tweaking it. I currently have a symbol created of the attached screenshot. I attached a record and adjust the Letter Label (top) and the Length Label (bottom) in the Object Info under the data tab. I'd rather have this as a Plug in Object so that I can quickly select and adjust multiples quickly. Using examples I've found online, I've been able to piece code together and create a simple box with two text fields. These are the things I want it to do and am stuck. 1. Hexagon shape with a bold line dividing top and bottom half. Center is the 0,0 insertion point. 2. Color fill with 60% transparency. Ability to change colors in the Object Info 'Shape' tab. (Pink, Cyan, Yellow, Green, Orange) 3. Top field for text. Editable in OI. 4. Lower field for text. with the ' suffix (for feet). But not a 'number' field. Thanks in advance for any help/guidance Scott
  6. VW 2012 Spotlight w/Renderworks SP4 OSX 10.7.4 I'm having a similar problem. In earlier versions, I've always been able to change the alternate names for the for the "Lighting Device" PIO in Spotlight for the 'User Field' Parameters. (Tools>Scripts>VS Plugin Editor>Parameters) With 2012, whenever I change the alternate names, when VW is restarted, all that info is lost, and the Object Info Box goes back to listing the default fields "User Field 1, 2, etc). Tested and this is true in the Win7 64 bit version as well.
  7. I am experiencing the exact same problem Windows 7 64bit VW 2012 SP1 Plugins: Chain Hoist tool and AutoPlot LW5 data exchange. Worked on file all day yesterday. Saved file. Opened file today. All Lights show no Object Info 'type' or any other PI data except class and layer. Same thing happens with ALL Backups and previous saved versions! Gave the file to a co-worker with same computer and VW version. File opens normally. Restarted VW2012. Then rebooted computer. Still same results. When I try to insert NEW fixture, PIO info is as expected, however, I get an error message "A Plug-in Object value is out of range due to inappropriate layer scale. Change scale and try again" This error message also appears when I export to LightWright. Please help. I don't want to have to reinstall VW.
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