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  1. While saved views used be the way to best way to print out drawing, they are still useful. With saved view you can configure class and layer visibility for different activities on the drawing. Depending on what part of the drawing you need to concentrate on, saved views let you flip quickly back and forth between different 'setups' to allow you to focus only on what you need. Also, Saved Views have no crop so you can move around the entire drawing without having to adjust the view.
  2. I see, although this is new for me as usually the OS just looked at ? and then ~ for these sorts of plug-ins in past iterations. Of course QL and 10.5 are whole new beasts. I will toss my QL and SL plug ins right before the next update seeing what a hassle it is to make the app recognize them properly since the installer is not quite refined yet. Thanks for the explanation.
  3. Depends on how 'tweaked' your machine is but I think an archive/install is saf enough and won't make you too crazy. Better still, you can first clone your boot disk to an external drive, then do a clean install and then use migration assistant to move your data back in.
  4. Did you call up the title block after using the Drawing Border tool and selecting from the Title Block... button? After that did you try playing with the Title Block Position drop down?
  5. I understand your question now and I am not an expert on this sort of thing. I tried the steps you listed and was able to reproduce the same type of behavior. Perhaps it is a bug or perhaps it is due to the fact (at least in my case) that the title block is tied to another 'intelligent' element - the drawing border. However, after reading your example, I would like to offer a lateral approach. Are you aware that you can specify both project and sheet content in the title blocks? The copyright date sounds like something you want to be able to change on project basis (although I know that you might also just want the year 2008 symbol). In my title blocks I have a lot of data that is Project specific and other data that is Sheet specific. If you've not done this before: any fields you create in the Title Block Record with the prefix "P_" are go to the project tab, "S_" to Sheet and there is a third division I don't use and therefore forgot. On the flip side, I can still see the original behavior of not updating after editing the symbol frustrating. Put what clues me in to the object's uniqueness is that trying to right-click and edit on the titleblock when work on the drawing opens the data window and not the symbol. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  6. Are you speaking about editing the layout or editing the content? To modify the specific content for my title blocks I find faster to navigate and read the popup editor that comes after double-clicking the border or title block. This way I don't always need to keep the Info palette open either.
  7. I actually found 10.4.11 less stable than 10.4.10 and if your new machine came preinstalled that way you're stuck without a way to downgrade. I have 10.5.1 on both my MBP and MP and overall it is a much better computing experience in general and I think that alone is enough to upgrade. Personally I haven't had any problems with instability with VW more than any other program. Beware of Spaces for now.
  8. I have now submitted a bug for this behavior. I'm curious to know if anyone has an idea why it's been happening.
  9. I've got both and it runs well on each. You won't suffer to run it on a portable, and as most designers need to travel to get back and forth to the theater, city or country of work, a portable is very sensible. I would recommend you not get a 17" as it is a beast to carry. Adding a second monitor on site to your MBP is easy and will really help your working habits.
  10. So I have been working on VW2008 for Mac SP2 (82099) for a couple of weeks now and noticed some odd behavior. Every time I launch the application on either my Mac Pro or Mac Book Pro a file called "VW debug output.txt" is created at the root level of my startup disk. The file is basically blank except for the message "gList is valid!". While this doesn't seem to do any damage it's irritating to have to constantly police the root directory to clean up this file. Is anyone seeing this behavior? Does anyone know the cause?
  11. I know that everyone is trying to keep things neat and tidy, but what is really the problem with copying the plugin to my ~/Library/Quicklook folder? It's working fine there and I did not remove it from the app itself.
  12. Quicklook works fine for me after copying the plug into my ~/Library/Quicklook folder as I stated out the outset. I will try to delete this and see if it works from its default location in the app.
  13. I read the new release notes for v2008 SP2 and was very excited about the new Quicklook support. After installing the update and even restarting my mac (10.5.1) I was unable to utilize the feature. After doing some digging I found the file VectorWorksQL.qlgenerator at the following path: /Applications/VectorWorks 2008/VectorWorks 2008.app/Contents/Library/QuickLook/VectorWorksQL.qlgenerator It seems to me that perhaps this is a mistake in the installer. I copied the file VectorWorksQL.qlgenerator to my ~/Library/Quicklook folder and relaunched the Finder. Now it seems the feature works, but only on files saved with VW 2008 SP2. Also, in the Library file of application there is VectorWorks.mdimporter which is for Spotlight. I created a folder Spotlight in my ~/Library and copied that file there. Theoretically Spotlight should now work with newly saved files. I really don't think that one should have a Library folder inside an application package, although I don't know too much about programming. Perhaps the installer is faulty in some way. [This is not true. The QuickLook and Spotlight plugins are properly installed in the application where they should be. Moving them into the system Library will only cause you future problems which will be hard to troubleshoot. Please do not do this. -editor] I wonder if anyone has noticed the same issue.
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