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  1. Oddly enough, that is such a relief to me!
  2. I really appreciate it. So did you use the top of the wall I created, and just re-made the bottom part by doing an extrude? Then subtracted from that?
  3. So how would I go about making them solids? I used extrude to form the wall. Then I tried doing the "Extract Curve" - Extrude along path thing, just like in the tutorial to create the top of the wall. I turned the extrude into a nurbs curve while I was doing that I think, nothing I tried could make it work. I managed to extract the curve, but couldn't extrude along it. So I traced the top line of the wall and extruded along that. I have read the entire book, worked my way through the tutorials, some of which don't even work (see my other post) and still find that almost everything I try to do doesn't work. I have never been as frustrated and angry with something as much as this. It is driving me crazy and the book really doesn't explain things, like the answer you just gave me. It WAS a solid, I converted it to try to do something else, can I convert it back?
  4. Why can't I subtract these solids?
  5. OK, so I've been working through the tutorials and I was doing the "Extracting Curves From Solids Tutorial" and when I get to the Subtract Solids part at the end, I get: You have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this condition and try again." This is the same error I was getting with my moulding issues. I'm obviously screwing up somehow, but I was following the tutorial? I've attached the drawing, why won't it subtract? (I am subtracting the curve from the top of the block.)
  6. Wait, I Ungrouped it, then it worked. Thanks! Sorry I'm such a pain.
  7. Split tool doesn't do anything to the moulding, doesn't give me an error, just doesn't do anything. Line mode.
  8. Excellent, that worked. Now the only problem is, when I render, the wood grain is all going the same way, instead of down on the side and across on top. So I still have to cut it into separate pieces to render it accurately. Which of course I can't do because I get the "geometry" error again. Why is it that I couldn't add the two pieces of moulding together or "cut" the moulding at an angle? what was up with the geometry?
  9. That seems a kind of inacurate way of doing it, but I tried it. It says There were objects that were selected that were illegal in extrude... deselected. It deselected the profile.
  10. OK, so now I finally have my piece of molding, I duplicated it and now I'm trying to join the two together at 90 to form a doorway. I can just lay them together and render and it looks fine, but I'd like to actually subtract the overlapping solid from each piece. I have tried to Add solid, Subtract solid and intersect solid, I always get a "Cannot be computed" error due to the geometry. So I figured I'd make a block at 45 to the piece and just "cut" off the end of each and put them together. When I did that and tried to subtract I got a "You tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed" error. So cutting my moulding on a 45 can't be computed?
  11. OK, I finally got it to work. two days to make a piece of moulding. Great. I feel like an idiot. Thanks for all your help.
  12. So you deleted the arc? Then what. I'm really sorry, but nothing I try works... and I can't see what you did.
  13. Sorry, how did you do that? "Clipped the arc then deleted it?"
  14. I know I have two objects, I'm trying to join them together to create that shape so I can extrude it into a solid.
  15. OK, I was trying to do it again and it's still screwing me up. I've enclosed the file, if anyone can take a look and tell me how I'm screwing up, this is making me tear my hair out.
  16. Thanks all. In the end, it took a combination of all of the above to get it to work. The biggest problem was that it was not a closed polyline, which is odd because I figured using the trim command would trim it so it was closed, it didn't, so I had to close the minute gaps between the arcs and lines. Thanks David
  17. That almost worked! Now it's a hollow box.
  18. When you say "edit the extrusion" do you mean go back before the extrusion step? Here's what I tried: 1. Before extrude, Compose then extrude, render. The circular pieces and rendered, the rest of it is a clear box with "rendered" lines. 2. After extrude, Compose, render. Same as above.
  19. This seems like it should be easy... I designed a piece of moulding for an interior, using the polygon tool and ellipse tool, then edited out the excess using the trim. I then extruded, fine, I get a 3d wireframe object, but nothing I try will make it render as a solid. I've done so many combinations of "convert" at this point, before and after extruding, I'm pulling my hair out. Thanks in advance for you help.
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