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  1. How do I set a viewport to look at something on a custom angle? (The flat is at an angle of 111.56 to plater line, so I need the viewport to face it straight on to get an elevation.) Things I have tried: Custom view - nothing I do seems to make any sense. I enter the angle in, and the flat is upside down or backwards, so I try and turn it by entering 90 in another axis and suddenly it is totally skewed again. Is there a process that makes this make sense? I have started in top view, rotated until it is parallel to X, then tried to rotate it up to see the front. Totally doesn't work. Edit Crop>Set 3D view - the line to set the 3D view will not snap to the perpendicular of the flat, so it's not accurate. Is there a way to set the viewport with working plane or something? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I'm going with separate plans right now, taking viewport sections at different heights. Have not yet tried Auto Hybrid, I'll check it out, the set is not too geometrically complex. I guess it's just good to know that I'm not missing something obvious! Like "Click the ground-plan button".
  3. What is the best way to create a theatrical ground plan - one that includes dashed overhead lines, from a 3D model? The only way I can see to make a ground plan is by first creating a front elevation and then taking a section view of that. However, I can do hidden lines, but not overhead lines. The theater I am working in has a mezzanine level, and the set has a balcony. If I do a standard cut at 3' or 4' I don't get any of this information. I must be missing something, this is one of the primary pieces of paperwork in drafting, surely it's possible, right? thanks.
  4. NVM!! Got it, thanks. Had to quit and start again.
  5. OK, thanks, I used the workspace editor to add Palette Options, so now 'Palettes can dock to document window" is checked. But they still won't dock. Do I just drag them, like palette-to-palette, or is there some other command to make it happen?
  6. I am running vector works on two different Macs, both are running the same updated version of 2016. On my laptop I can dock my palettes to the main window. On my desktop, I can get them to dock to each other, but not the main document window. Where is the preference for this? I can't find it anywhere and searched the forums. Thanks.
  7. That didn't work at first, so I deleted the camera tool and then re-loaded it, then it worked. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, I tried that. It turns it off in a normal perspective view, but not when I'm using the vector works camera.
  9. How do I turn off the green and blue horizon in a camera view? Thanks.
  10. I AM in orthogonal view and the object IS aligned to the view. I have uploaded a sample from the project I'm working on. Other examples include simple extruded archways, this one was created using extrude along path. Everything dimensions just fine, but not the radials. Thanks for all the responses.
  11. Sorry, didn't update my signature... now in 2015 and still and issue - not on every solid, but yes, the more complex ones. I'll post an example when I get a break. Thanks.
  12. Yes, I am in orthogonal view. Sorry, but what do you mean "To see dimensions in 3D planes, you need to make them in design layers." ? I have a 3D model I created in a design layer and am creating viewports in a sheet layer to dimension. Not sure what you were asking. thanks
  13. I am using viewports to lay out a drafting on a sheet layer - the viewports are taken from a 3D model. Why can't I use the radial dimension tool (archways, moulding etc)? Vectorworks "knows" what I am trying to dimension is an arc because it will show me the arc center when I hover over the object, but the dimension tool says "can only be used on circles". What is the work-around? Right now, I am tracing the line using the arc tool when I am in "Edit annotation", but this seems rather silly. Thanks.
  14. Thank you. I had read through it to create a title block, but I think I read that the wrong way round as everything was set to "by class". Switched it and it worked great. Thanks.
  15. I have made a custom title block for a project I am working on, and most of it works well, however when I add it to my document, through the sheet border info palette, it changes the font and color of the font. I had two different fonts used in my custom title block, is this not possible? It seems to be changing everything to my default font, which is not what I want. thanks.
  16. Thanks. I understand your comments, unfortunately it's none of those things. Will contact tech support.
  17. Having issues with textures stay on objects. I add a texture to an abject and all is well, but later when I look at my whole rendering, a lot of the textures I placed on objects are missing and they are back to the class default. This includes textures in symbols. The last time I tried to fix it, when looking at a front elevation in Open GL, I selected the object that was not getting the texture - the Render menu indicated that it still had the texture on it, but it wasn't rendering, so I just selected the texture again in the render menu. The object then just completely disappeared! It was going in wireframe too. So re-applying the texture when made the object delete? What's going on? I have re-started VW several times. Keeps happening with the same objects. Thanks.
  18. Never mind - quit and reopen fixed it.
  19. I'm doing a basic extrude along path around a rectangle to create a moulding on a pedestal. When I go in to edit the profile I am getting a "The object is invalid do you want to delete it?" (Or something like that.) And the only way to exit the profile edit is to delete the extrude I just made. I don't think I'm doing anything different than I ever do when extrude along path. What could cause this? I've tried it multiple times. Keeps happening.
  20. My Pro is 2.5 GHz Intel i5. 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Running 10.8.5 Vectorworks 2015 Are there compatibility issues? I took the computer in to university IT and they said it's not the graphics card. How do I send the file to VW support? Thanks.
  21. Actually, you never even have to rotate the line, just snap a new line to the intersection of the circle and the horizontal.
  22. Hey that works too! And I can use the length of the diagonal without having to input the numbers, but just by snaping the circle tool to the end of the line. Thanks!
  23. James, Thanks, that is exactly what my issue was, no snap point. I like your solution, and I can make it work, the one slight issue, and this is getting picky, is that I developed the diagonal from several other parameters so it's not a nice round number, it's just a line that I grabbed and it has lots of decimal places! :-) I can type it in, just feel like there should be a geometric way this could be done. I appreciate your answer and it will work! Thanks David
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