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    VW 2008 Training Manuals?

    Thanks Katie but I can't seem to find any reference to the new ones on the website. Most of the references are to VW 12. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place...
  2. Archeus

    Battered Walls

    ArchiCAD can do this...
  3. Archeus

    Room Finish Schedules

    Julian Carr's 'Worksheet On Drawing' add-on allows you to split worksheets as well as giving you additional options for formatting them. You can look at it at: . I think it's around $25.00 US and is well worth the cost. HTH!
  4. Archeus

    Section Viewports Always Showing 'Empty' Status

    Jeffrey Ouellette solved this problem for me via the VectorWorks mailing list. I had the 'Save viewport cache' document preference turned off.
  5. Any reason why my section viewports continuously indicate 'Empty' status (red 'X')? They definitely have objects in them, the objects are not hidden, and the referenced design layers are not set to 'invisible' (reasons why VW Help says the 'Empty' status would be shown). If I select each one individually (there are 6 of them on the sheet layer), I can update them but whenever I change views or move around to other layers they revert to the 'Empty' status. Its a real pain particularly since the red 'X's show up when I print. They do show the 'Out of Date' status as expected when the referenced model is modified. The viewports are set to render in 'hidden line'. BTW, the plan viewport adjacent to them displays correctly all the time. Regards, John VW 12.5.2 Designer 20" iMac Dual Core
  6. Archeus

    user defined 'objects' ?

    You can also get Julian Carr's 'WinDoor' add-on which does what you want for a great variety of window / door types. Its all parametric, no scripting involved, does 2D / 3D, and creates schedules if required. Why reinvent the wheel and spend all your evenings and weekends learning VectorScript when you could be out having fun?!! :-) See
  7. Archeus

    Best 'hand lettered' font for VectorWorks

    Try also looking at 'TwoByFour' from MyFonts (www.myfonts.com). I've used it on a Mac for some preliminary stages of projects....


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