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  1. Does anyone know of a quick way of meauring the distance between vertices on a curved polygon? I have been duplicating the polygon and slicing at the vertices then checking the perimeter of the line. This is important for measuing edging of plant beds in landscaping.
  2. When exporting images the embedded worksheet (plant list) disappears. However when exporting to pdf the worksheet shows correctly. The drawing will print the embedded worksheet just fine. The Export Image File screen does not show the worksheet either.
  3. This was solved by calling tech support. It was a bad custom workspace file.
  4. In the design view with right view set I have created dimensions. When I view the viewport with the right view selected the dimensions disappear. I have all the layers and classes visible. The top view dimensions are visible in the top view viewport.
  5. I checked that. There was only one class and it was visible.
  6. Sometimes when I create a plant, shapes disappear within the object. See enclosed file. When I go to edit the 2D graphics of this plant the objects that had disappeared now are visible. They are visible in the Plant Definition window also. I have tried grouping and the entire graphic part of the plant disappears. I can copy and paste the 2D graphic into the drawing window and the internal objects are visible.
  7. I am trying to create Callouts where the text will line up vertically on all of the Callouts.The end of the arrows are to the right of the text. Even with the Always Left-Justify Text box checked on the text right justifies to the vertical line I have created. I have tried the create from the text button and the create from arrowhead button to no avail. It always right justifies the text when the arrow and line are to the right leaving a ragged left edge of the text.
  8. All of the layers are visible. With Show/Snap/Modify on Layers and Classes.
  9. In SP2, I try to select Plants using Symbols and select the Plant name. Nothing shows as selected. Not even in the Object info. I think it was working in SP1. I am using SP2 build 82613.
  10. I tried to print with transparency. It would not print. I have talked to technical support on Dec 20th. and they said in order to print you have to have GDI turned off. They also said they would have this update available in a few days. Does anyone know when and where it will become available?
  11. When creating a plant in Landmark if I type in the latin name when creating it the plant turns into a dot. If I leave out the latin name of the definition when creating and add it later the plant works normally. I have installed SP2 for XP.
  12. It does not matter what settings you use. If you export image from a design layer the worksheet will be visible, but using a viewport makes the worksheet disappear. This happens in all my drawings with worksheets. This function used to work several weeks ago. I reinstalled SP1 with no difference. It does not matter what the DPI is. I tried 72 and 300 dpi without any changes.
  13. The entire drawing will export except the worksheet part. Also, in the preview (on the Export Image File screen)with the Render or Wireframe button pressed the worksheet is not visible. The same drawing will export correctly using the PDF export. The file size exported on pdf is over 150 megs for a 22" X 34" drawing. Is this large of file size this typical?
  14. I have created landscaping symbols and want to trade for others. All 2D and in plan view. Basketball goal, Playscape (3 station) with slide and climbing net, 3 tier round fountain, boulders, stepping stones. Email me at cody@theperfectview.com. Also, I have several dozen Central Texas plant and tree symbols.
  15. I want to scale 40 objects to be larger, but they scale from the average center of the entire group and this moves them out from their average center. I want each object to scale from its own center and stay in the same position. Is this possible?
  16. Does anyone know of hatches for other paver patterns besides the ones included with VW 2008?
  17. We are not thinking of moving the Landmark group away from here. Opinions, wish lists and problems would still be voiced here at this forum. This forum right now does not have the ability to have files like landscaping symbols, images for textures, tips and tricks in a common area. I have created in plan view basketball goals, boulders, playscapes, 3 tier fountains and other specialty landscaping symbols. I want to share these and use other symbols that others have created. Why should every individual have to create their own symbols when someone else has already created them. How many times does the wheel have to be reinvented before we use this tool called the internet to connect the entire planet and save ourselves quite a bit time. Jonathon, you are correct we are seeking more functionality not necessarily a different place. Will Nemetschek North America host an area on their web site or upgrade their forum to allow VW texture image files, text (tips and tricks) and drawing (2D and 3D symbols) files to be uploaded and downloaded?
  18. I am considering training books/guides. There seems to be two different sets one by Jonathon Pickup and one by Resolve Software Solutions. If you have experience with either please comment on them.
  19. It would create a list serv where you sent an email to the group and it would go to all the members. The individual members cn receive all emails, a daily digest, special announcements or now email at all. Here some of the things you can do: Messages-View messages without receiving the group email Post-post a message Files-separate files upload and download Photos - separate photos and images upload and download (show your work to share ideas and learn from other ideas) (image and texture files) Links- to tutorials and other resources Database- list of other resources and people and companies that train or provide resources Polls- poll and survey members Members- list of members Calendar -plan events
  20. Would anyone be interested in a Worldwide Landmark Users Group. We could establish a Yahoo Group with no setup or ongoing fees. The members could share ideas, links, landscaping symbols, image fills, textures, image props, plant symbols, 3D plants, tips and tricks, tutorials and more. If you don't know what a Yahoo group is go to http://groups.yahoo.com/. Please respond if interested and add your suggestions.
  21. I agree totally. Autocad does this also and it is a nuisance. It should be set up as selectable in a checkbox in the preferences.
  22. In VW2008 how do you measure a section of polyline without copying and cutting the section out or tracing it with the polyline or freehand tool?
  23. The plants are stored in User Folder and have been for 6 weeks.
  24. In the 12.5 evaluation copy the Stipple density slider has more sensitivity in the lower range. In VW2008 the slider is either at zero density or by moving it to right one tiny notch it produces a light medium density. It will not do the lighter light densities that Version 12.5 will do. I feel that the more area of the slider should be devoted to the lighter densities than the heavy densities. Also a value percentage window (for typing a value into) should be added to slider.
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