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  1. Thanks Digby. Hope to catch you around. I have pm'd you.
  2. Thank you for your kind words of support Digby. Well it's not hard to see why the original post was "Anonymous". I seemed to have whipped up quite a fuss. I suspect vested interest has ruled the day for many of the OzCad vegimites. I have good news. A number of US members of this forum have offered for me to upgrade through them in the USA. I am extremely grateful - THANKZ GUYZ. A 50% saving with the current exchange rate. Have a wonderful day all.
  3. For the benefit of everyone mike m oz sent me this private message: "For Fundamentals: US$995 = A$1255 so the price differential to $1851 is a touch under 48%. For Architect: US$1395 = A$1760 so the price differential to $2895 is a touch under 65%. There is substantial added value in the Australian version of Architect which more than justifies the additional cost. The costs have been the same for nearly two years. Back then the A$ was around 55 US cents. At that stage the differential was far less and at one stage the A$ dipped to 46 US cents. You do the maths. I suggest you also have a look at the cost of the alternatives: AutoCAD Architect, Archicad, Revit and Microstation Architect. Make sure you find out all of the costs and factor in the costs where applicable for compulsory annual upgrades, annual subscription costs, compulsory dongle insurance and pay for support. Do the exercise properly and you will be staggered by the price. The cost of Architect Oz is far less than each of those options." DO NOT private message me again "mike m oz". Anything you have to say on this issue say it in an open forum. Do you work for Ozcad ? You seem to know a lot about the exchange rates at different times and how they affected Ozcads buying price.
  4. Digby Dart you are indeed a gentleman. I shall ignore Nicholas forthwith. Thank you for your advise Katie but I have already contacted Ozcad. I contacted them after I found out the price difference between oz the US of A. I felt like a mouse phoning a mouse trap maker but these things must be done. Yes I was civil. The Ozcad lady was completely unrepentant listing off all the excuses mentioned here for why I paid twice as much as I should have. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Never mind Susan... live and learn. Maybe financially raped kinda sounds better than ripped off ! I guess when I have to upgrade though Ozcad its going to hurt more.
  5. I bought Vectorworks Architect after I finished Uni. I didn't know it then but I got ripped off big time. I am pretty cross about that now and I am not the only one. I like the software but the extra stuff you get in Australia is no big deal. I wouldn't pay for it. What really creeps me - ozcad is still doing it cos you have to buy from them.


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