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  1. I am having many issues with braceworks but two are particularly problematic right now. 1. Braceworks is always loosing the "attachment" of objects to their hanging positions. I.E. I have a hanging position and go to do the calculation and is says it is not supported. so I go and reattach my motors. go calculate again and not three random instrument are not attached, go re attach them, re calculate and now other lights are now not attached, repeat cycle until i am bald. Very frustrating. 2. I select a hanging position (and its components) and run a calculation on selection. It comes back with a red box saying "selection not supported" that is in the middle of nowhere, not pointing to the truss that I have selected. It might be pointing to a truss that is on the ground, not being supported except for the floor it is laying on, in a layer turned off. But the issue is that I cannot get it finish the calculation on the truss that I have actually selected. Any ideas why it is bound and determined to add things to the calculation that are not selected. Also on the list of questions. how do I get Braceworks to ignore certain objects like pipe and drape that is floor supported? or truss used as scenic pieces on the deck. I would like to use this software more but it has been very difficult to commit to deadlines because I don't know when it will let me down. Thanks so much.
  2. Is anyone else having issues with the Assign cable Circuits tool not adding the Jumpers or randomly ignoring the modifier keys (I.E. CTRL for twofer SHIFT for skip) ? half way through a drawing and all of a sudden no jumpers. save and restart and nothing. the tool is also randomly applying the modifier keys super frustrating.
  3. Any one else have issues getting distributed loads to attach to trusses/ hanging positions. Also having issues getting truss crossing connections to work ( i cannot select the second truss to create the cross) Thnaks
  4. Also curious about Christe Lites truss. I know that they are proprietary but they also supply an insane amount of truss here in North America and many of us use it. Thanks B
  5. Cool! Thanks. when do you think SP3 will be released?
  6. After some more time I Noticed that it gets screwed up when you open the hoist tool Preferences. Apparently something is amiss in the preferences dialog box. I noticed this because I watched the fields disappear as I clicked on on the OK Button. When you adjust one of the labels in the Plug-in manager the object info box is restored to its original state. Do VW Developers lurk around here and take notice of things like this or is their a bug report form to report thing like this? Thanks
  7. I went messing around in the built in plug-in window. When I changed a name of an alternate name field and exited all of a sudden the missing fields reappeared. The path to where I was is : Tools/Plug In Manager-> Built In Plug-ins -> HoistVW, then double click I simply changed one of the alternate names slightly. I would bet that if you just went in to this are and then clicked OK it might work but I cannot recreate this issue to prove it. Warning I have heard that if you change the regular name fields it breaks the hoist tool.
  8. Any one else finding the "Hoist Weight" field in the hoist object window missing. it is supposed to be right under the "chain Cross Section" button but it is missing. I have 1/4 ton motors that are being calculated out at 100 lbs. with nothing on them, Did they move the place where you can set up the hoist weights. Thanks
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