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  1. Thanks ,Robert. I did as you said and succeeded. sorry for reply late cause my poor router. It had been striking for almost all of last weekend.
  2. Dworks and Mike, thank for ur answers the "symbol" is useful, just like "block" in Acad. As "create Layer Linking", there seems not work. I did as Dwork's method and can't get an entire view of the building. Have I done sth wrong?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a very freshman of VW with Acad background. Im now using Vw 12.5. Now I'm making a concept design of a 40-floor building. There're many same floors. For eg.,3rd to 13th and 15th to 26th, etc...I firstly use "modle setup" to define the 40 floors and 3 basements. Then drew the 1,2,3 floor...When I finished the 3rd floor,I found I could only copy the total objects of the 3rd floor to the 4th,5th...After I finished the copy, I found there's a little problem with the 3rd, so correct it,and What could do next? do the copy again to see the changed building? What about next time? I have read some topics on net and here, and found no answer. Could anyone help me about this? Maybe sth ridiculous, but it's realy important to me. Thanks a lot.


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