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  1. I have had the same problem. we use 12.5... with 3 gig of ram pentium d 2.8 gigahertz. We would be happy to have a 2 to 5 min update but it runs out of memory and never finishes. It's a 2 story house, we want to eventually do 3 story commercial buildings. How are other companies doing large projects if I am straining at a 2 story house?
  2. Since the program won't start I will reinstall. Vworks does not show up in windows list of pprograms I can uninstall. Is there an uninstall program in the vworks folder. What is it called.
  3. My print boarder and objects were so far away from each other. I noticed the coordingates and just pushed the print boarder to the edge of the screen and held it there several min. untl I was in range horigontally. Then I did it again vertically. Thanks for your idea I will try to save it for next time
  4. I just tried to start up version 12.5 and it begins ok but before it finishes loading it stops and says it has to close. I noticed it is also in a window smaller thant it usually starts up. This happens if I try to start from an existing drawing file or if I try to start the program itself. Help
  5. Somehow my drawing text and lines are so out of scale with the plotting area, I can't see the plotting area gray edge. If I hit the fit to window button at the bottom of the screen the drawing disappears. If I hit the fit to objects the boarder dissappears. How do I get them back together so I can print? Kermit
  6. How do I export from a viewport? I exported an image file from a saved with no proble but I don't see the clouds background. So I have a viewport of the camera view on a sheet layer. I tried exporting the image from the viewport. It seemed to be saving it but it never shows up in the folder. I know I am looking in the proper folder. I even tried saving to the desk top.
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