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  1. yes, but its not in that original position
  2. I have a site model that i created and was going to try the new "edit site border" command. when i go into the command the border is offset from my model. Any Ideas why? thanks
  3. I am wondering if someone can discuss the automatic naming of classes that get created when you get involved with site modeling. i notice that the new classes appear, BUT the objects drawn ie: fence, pad, model are not automatically dropped into these classes. so what should be where? site modifiers like pads, fences should be on what class and layer the site model, what class and layer original grades/survey points that the site models are created from, what class and layer I would be very interested to hear how the tech guys organize this, to see if that is why i sometimes have problems, with my own naming system thanks for help
  4. No, all of our plants are placed on our class " plants new" Each component of the individual plants are in the specified class of, outline, color fill, tag, and canopy. All of which were part of the original plant symbol we defined. we are also having problems with turning off the color fill class, and our plant outline then disappears even though it is in a different class, but that seems to be specific to one symbol( a vectorworks predefined plant symbol), so i think that is a bad symbol to start with.
  5. I am having problems as well, see my post 'plants disappearing' check your none class viability, although i have not had this specific problem
  6. HELP!!!! I have created several plants using the symbols that came with 2008, First problem, if i render open gl they all disappear, that does not help me if my deck has textures, house has textures, etc and then I want to print a rendered plan view, and all my plants disappear. Why? 2) investigating this more it also seems there is an inevitable connection to the "none" class, even though all the pieces are on other classes, like the , canopy, outline, tag, fill classes, but when i view these in top/plan they will disappear if the none class is shut off. The tag and cross still appear, but the plant symbol is gone. WHY?
  7. I just found this problem as well. This really makes the viewer useless. Hope this will be updated soon.
  8. Issue not solved. on my next layout which is all dimensions, every dimension is boxed out like before. so whats the bug?
  9. Well just re-typing fixed the distorted text. but it is still very odd
  10. I have finished a drawing and went to export to pdf, everything looked fine on pdf except 3 of my words randomly changed to a bunch of rectangles for each letter. All of my text is the same, same layer, same viewport, but 3 change when printed to pdf. any recommendations? please help I attached a jpeg of the issue, no pdf's can be uploaded i guess
  11. How about deciding what class the viewport is located on when you create it, instead of by accident forgetting what class you were in when you created it.
  12. That was Easy! thanks
  13. I have created a 3d landscape plan with a site model that i made using the 3d locus tool. How do i get the black 3d Ticks to disappear once i render the model?
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