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  1. Is it possible to use alternate dimension units for individual dimensions? I want almost all of my dimensions to be in feet-inches, but I'd like to have a few in centimeters. Any way to do this without having to laboriously calculate and edit each dimension I want in metric? Thanks!
  2. Pat, To get only one line in my worksheet for the multiple items in my drawing, I selected the "summarize items with the same: (mark)" option in Tools/Reports/Create Reports. The =Count formula works perferctly when I put it at the end of the database row. Completely mysterious to me why it works, but thanks so much!! -craig
  3. Hi, I'm a bit confused about this process as well. I've created plumbing fixture symbols, attached record information to them, and managed to create a worksheet that successfully lists all of the plumbing fixtures. Somewhere along the way I opted to list repeat fixtures only once in the schedule based on the ID mark, e.g., if I use the same 'P-1' symbol twenty times in my drawing it only shows up on the schedule once. Very handy. Is there a way to automatically show how many instances of the symbol are in the drawing on the worksheet? Using the example above, can I create a field that will count up my twenty P-1 symbols? thanks!
  4. Pat, I'm also flailing away, trying to sort a door schedule without luck. I even watched the tutorial video about it but I don't seem to be able to get it to work. When I select a row in my database the two sort buttons turn on. When I click one or the other, all the rows are automatically selected but nothing sorts. I don't seem to be able to drag rows at all. Help!
  5. Right on. Thanks to you all for the friendly and helpful advice!
  6. My boss will be so excited! It's summer there right?
  7. Hi, In my office, the practice until now has been to use workgroup references to bring titleblock information into our drawings. Typically, the layers in the titleblock have been scaled 1:1 so they accurately coordinate with the final printed sheet size. The obvious drawbacks to this approach are the appearance of the extraneous "locked" layers that clutter up the organization palette and the problems with coordinating the titleblock information w/ the page location, origin (in both the working file and the reference file), the drawing itself, and the sheet layer consistently. With the new VW2008 design layer approach to workgroup references, the 1:1 scale approach doesn't seem to work because my design layers are typically at 1:96 or a similar architectural scale. When I import the workgroup referenced Titleblock, the design layer viewport with the titleblock is very small with the lineweights and text illegible. Obviously, this doesn't seem like an efficient way to get my titleblock into my drawing. I suppose I could change the scale of the titleblock reference file to the scale of the current drawing, but that might necessitate titleblock reference files at multiple scales, no? What are the preferred, recommended approaches for dealing with titleblock information in VW2008? I think the ideal result would include the ability to set up a single basic title block file at 1:1 scale for a specifically sized sheet (a template?); the ability to edit basic information in that file that will remain consistent throughout a drawing set (project title, date, revisions, "not for construction," etc.) but occasionally needs to be updated (say, to add an architect's signature for a permit set or change the date); and some reasonably straightforward way to add and edit information unique to each sheet but with consistent formating from sheet to sheet. It seems that with the addition of design layer viewports and the existing VW tools (symbols, templates, sheet layers, viewports, etc.) there must be some simple way to do this that I just haven't figured out. Any advice or ideas on the simplest, most efficient approach would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Craig VW2008 OS X 10.4.11
  8. I had the same problem and fixed it by rebooting the program. Not ideal, but it worked.
  9. Hi, I just received a copy of VW Architect 2008 in the mail w/ licenses for two computers. We were previously using VW 11. The program installed w/o problems but I keep getting an "All Serial Numbers in Use" message that says "All given serial numbers are in use by other users on the network," and then displays one of our serial numbers for VW 11. When I click on the "Edit Numbers" button, the new VW 2008 serial number is displayed as entered at the time of installation. Having read a previous post, I went through and deleted all the net.vectorwords.plist type files in the preferences folders in the hard drive Library and User Library folders. The problem persists. I'm not using VW 11 while this is happening, though it is still installed on the machine I'm using. No other computers on the network are running VW 11 though 1 or 2 have legal licenses installed. Anyone know the cure?? Thanks in advance! FYI-I'm running OS X 10.4.11 on a Mac 2x2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon w/ 2GB 667MHz DDR2 F8-DIMM.
  10. Hi, I've been using VW 11.5 and 12.5 for awhile, but I just started working in an architecture office currently on VW 11.5 that works with ACAD sub-consultants on a regular basis. Any advice for how to set-up our layers, classes, and viewports to best facilitate regular, successful export to and import from .dwg files? Until now, my office has entirely ignored classes, viewports, and sheet layers and has used only design layers (w/ everything in black and white) for all of their drawings. This means that each sheet has its own file. I'm trying to encourage them to make use of Vectorworks class, viewport, and sheet layer capabilities, but realize that I don't actually know if this will make our work more or less difficult. I would appreciate any advice, tips, warnings, or recommendations about how approach setting up. Thanks! Craig 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-core INtel Xeon Mac 2 GB 66z MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM Running VW 11.5 (But contemplating the upgrade to 12.5)
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