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  1. Matt, The alt-unit is mirrored as the unit number. it just sorts differently. it basically already does what you've changed your regular unit number field to do. i read that recalculating one spreadsheet recalculates them all, even if they're not open. do you find that's not the case?
  2. Apparently the solution is instead of using the unit number field the alt-unit field should be used.
  3. Yes, I've tried that. That's why I'm so confused. It doesn't seem to be a reasonable way to sort things.
  4. Now this is just turning into an internal monologue. Solution: ='Device Type'.'record of choice' Now, the new problem is that it seems to sort like so: 1 10 11 2 3 and so forth. how do i fix this without adding a 0 to all instruments 1-9. it seems a little weird to me.
  5. Okay. I've made a database. How do I populate it? Sorry but the help files are not particularly forthcoming. I think I understand the formula for retrieving record data. but vw plug-in instruments seem to have no record. I'm sure this elementary, I'm just a little out of my element.
  6. Here's the goal: Create an "on drawing" schedule that will live on a sheet layer with the viewport of a lighting position this schedule will contain all the pertinent records for the units on that position: type/ch/ckt/dim etc. This schedule would of course need to update as changes occur. I have a large theatre with many positions and it's easier to send electricians away with a piece of paper to hang a position and recieve it back with the dimmer/ckt info written in. currently it's a very long excel/text edit/cut and paste project. any ideas on automation?
  7. I want to be able to automate including the location of instruments along the x axis in lightwright. Ideas?
  8. I just updated to 12.5.3 and to my chagrin I found that the MAC 700 profile (and wash) are still not in the symbol libraries. Personally I feel that this unit is more popular than instruments that *are* in the martin library. Does anyone know where I can acquire the symbol? I can certainly use another light and rename it, I would just like to have proper unit specs assigned to it.
  9. I do not have a printer yet, though I am in the process of trying to acquire one to experiment with. If this works it can speed up, and increase the accuracy and efficiency of installing of lighting rigs by quite a bit.
  10. I've been thinking a lot lately about how one would go about printing a pipe tape from vectorworks. I know it would take a script to do it, which I have very little knowledge of. I figure it would collect selected information from the lights on a particular position (channel / type / accessories) and place that information on a 1:1 scale viewport at the appropriate distances. Has anyone successfully done this, or have any ideas of how it could be accomplished?
  11. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of printing to a register tape from vectorworks. is it as simple as making a sheet as long and narrow as the tape?


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