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  1. Thanks for the advice all. The fact that constraining is a vestige was truthfully the answer I was looking for. The serious troubles I had trying simple procedures in the palette options told me this probably wasn't the right place to be, thanks for the confirmation, so on to VS it is!
  2. Well, I'm trying a simple exercise using constraints in a simple 4 rectangle, 4 line drawing: Picture an elevation of a cabinet front with 2 rails and 2 stiles, each represented by a rectangle. There are then 4 boundary lines that i would like to constrain the rectangles to w/ simple point constraints, or should I be using a diff. constrain command? I do realize btw that there is a 3d cabinet tool, but for the sake of a simple exercise..... I would like to constrain these 4 simple rectangles together so that when I drag a boundary edge the rail and stile widths remain constant, should I be using VS? I also tried constraining the width of the rectangles....but no luck, crashes, crashes and more crashes with a simple 4 rectangle 4 line drawing? Am i missing something, sry for no pic, thought this was simple enough... thks for any advice and direction
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply Robert, silence can be excruciating! Do you have any idea if or when this might occur and/or what the barriers are? Thanks again,
  4. Wondering if anyone had any advice whatsoever, is there a simple way to do this, am I completely off base, is the question clear enough, should I change my name so as not to mention any other competition?
  5. Hello all, As the name implies I'm a recent convert and am always looking for ways of implementing revit "functionality/coordination" into my VW workflow - whether it be a plugin script or whatever other options are available. One such example; is there a way to reference or coordinate section/elevation/detail/etc. markers to the sheet they are on so that the sheet numbers change accordingly when I move the Reference Markers? Thanks for any help/advice/direction!
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