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  1. I am in the process of downloading the demo for someone who needs to be able to see if he can send these files to AutoCAD14 users on PCs. If not he won't buy the program. However, it's impossible to test this most important function if you CAN'T SAVE ANYTHING! Make the demo last only 10 days if you will, but please allow saving so that this can be worked with. Otherwise it's a lot of money to spend and my reputation as a consultant is on the line. This person is an engineer and needs the details to be translated as closely as possible. Thanks.
  2. quote: Originally posted by Richie Hatch: Hi I have recently received files form colleagues using AutoCad 2000 but am unable to import iinto VW 8.5.2. They are all dwgs. Should I tell them to save as V14 versions or is there a way to import V2000 dwgs? This is exactly what I was wondering. I have someone who needs to work at home and wants to send files created on his Mac to work where they use AutoCad14. I am wondering if this can be done before I recommend he buy this program. Thanks. I guess he can't even find out if you can't save in demo mode. :-( But from reading these boards, sounds like the Mac version is much more detailed and refined and many of you would rather fight than switch! We hate to have to bring a PC into the house. [This message has been edited by maclady (edited 02-18-2001).]


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